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architas by Mind Map: architas

1. mathematics

1.1. mathematics is [a] truth

1.2. truth is not [just] mathematics

1.3. therefore, is only ever a model, not the architas

2. quality

2.1. observation of form

2.2. quality is causation

2.3. unobserved, rests in potential

3. ontology

3.1. information

3.1.1. change in potential

3.1.2. measurement change in information a.k.a. observation difference in relation to an equivalence

3.1.3. form? (per Louis Kahn, that which distinguishes one thing from another) secondary, after change

3.1.4. phenomena? (per Kant)

3.1.5. things that exist

3.2. structure

3.2.1. unknowable

3.2.2. void? secondary, after change

3.2.3. noumena? (per Kant)

3.2.4. existence itself

4. change

4.1. void in action

4.2. creation

4.3. destruction

4.4. alteration

4.5. change is primary

5. theory

5.1. a measure of measurement

5.2. metatheory is also theory