Nationalism in Europe

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Nationalism in Europe by Mind Map: Nationalism in Europe

1. The French Revolution

1.1. Transfer of Sovereignty from the monarch to French citizens.

1.2. Napoleon revolutionary principal of more rational and efficient

1.3. The Civil Code of 1804 [or] Napoleonic Code

2. Visulizing the nation

2.1. The female figure became allegory of the nation

2.2. France_ christened Marianne, German_ Germania

3. Nationalism and Imperialism

3.1. The Balkans, after 1871

3.2. Power over Balkans,

3.2.1. Russia

3.2.2. Austro-Hungary

3.2.3. Germany

3.2.4. England

3.3. The First world war

3.4. Nationalism, aligned with imperialisation, led Europe to disaster in 1914.

4. Making Of Nationalism

4.1. The Aristocracy and the new middle class

4.2. New Conservatism after 1815

4.2.1. The Treaty of Vienna Britain Russia Prussia Austria

4.2.2. The Revolutionaries Italian Revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini Marseilles Berne

5. The Age of Revolutions 1830-1848

5.1. treaty of constantinople 1832

5.2. First upheaval of France in July

5.3. The Bourbon Kings

5.3.1. Liberal revolutionaries

5.4. Louis Philippe

5.5. The Romantic imagination and National feeling

5.6. Hunger, Hardship and Popular Revolt

5.7. Belgium seperation from the UK of Netherland

5.8. The Greek war 1821

5.9. 1848: Revolution of the Liberals

6. Making of German and Italy

6.1. German confederation

6.1.1. Danish war, Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian war

6.1.2. Complete unification of Germany in 1871 Prussian King🤴Kaiser William I German Emporer

6.2. Unified Italy

6.2.1. Italy Multi-national.Hubsburg empire

6.2.2. Divided into Seven states

6.2.3. Sardinia-Piedmont princly house

6.2.4. Giuseppe Mazzini, Count Camillo de Canvour, Giuseppe Garbaldi