Brightstar 7th Intranets and Portals Conference Key Themes

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Brightstar 7th Intranets and Portals Conference Key Themes by Mind Map: Brightstar 7th Intranets and Portals Conference Key Themes

1. Maturity and pragmatism

1.1. Trains, tickets and toilets

1.2. don't boil the ocean

1.3. Intranets are like David Brent

2. Radical Trust

2.1. a blog is an unexploded bomb

2.2. users will contribute

2.3. users will contribute

2.4. users will contribute

2.5. users will contribute

2.6. people don't deface things

3. Learning from each other

3.1. as Intranet professional

3.2. real success stories

3.3. and willingness to share failures and lessons learned

3.4. Intranet Leadership Forum

4. Web 2.0 concepts

4.1. the perpetual beta

4.2. 'Facebook' concepts on staff directories

5. Usability, usability, usability

5.1. user centred design

5.2. rage and anger

5.3. listen and watch

6. Michael Sampson's prolific conference blogging

7. Content 2.0

7.1. knowledge flows

7.2. staff driven content

7.3. staff driven content

7.4. creating conversations

7.5. links to radical trust

8. Kaizen

8.1. use the long tail of business problems

8.2. don't try to solve the huge business issues in one go

8.3. find out what's bugging you and deliver simple solutions

9. Open Source is a real option

9.1. some of the solutions are mature

9.2. there are thriving communities

9.3. support is available

9.4. as is local deployment expertise

10. Sharepoint is ready

10.1. but...

10.2. it won't solve missing human factors in collaboration

10.3. and

10.4. it's a platform for service delivery

10.5. you have to implement it well for it to work

10.6. it integrates very well with other tools

10.7. get experienced people to help

10.8. there are lots of resources