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Video by Mind Map: Video

1. The trend in PE is that it is becoming a study of a wide variety of activities. No longer does the teacher just roll out some balls and the kids run around and goof off. Students are being exposed to a wide variety of activities and sports. As this is the case, the teacher needs to be able to educate the students in how to participate in the activity properly. How should a student hold a LaCrosse stick? What is the proper technique for shooting a Team Handball? Students need to see themselves peforming these task visually, not just by being told or demonstrated are they doing it? Watching themselves perform a skill is far more effective than telling them what they are doing incorrectly.

2. Critical thinking comes into play during the gaining of new knowledge and the correction phase of the learning. What mistakes is the student making? Do they need to view the video again for reinforcement of the rules or to reinforce proper technique. When viewing the videos taken by the teacher, what are the next steps in improvement for each individual student so that they will reach a proficient level of performance.

3. To be literate or a strong communicator I must be able to lead the student in an attempt to help them identify where their area of weakness is. It won't do any good for me to point out their faults. I want them to study the videos and point out why they think they are not successful in their attempt to perform a skill.

4. Learning goals - I want to explore what units this idea will be most effective in. I want to practice my own ability to create instructional videos and then use them to help the students understand directions, technique, rules, and other aspects of an activity or sport.

5. Why? I want to increase my knowledge of this tool. It is important because I feel I could make use of videos in my classes but I don't have the knowledge or the skill.

6. My personal strengths are that I am a visual learner and teacher and I can use these strengths with an increase ability in using videos to assist my students.

7. Mastery in this area will improve my instruction through providing my students the option of seeing themselves performing a skill correctly or incorrectly by viewing a video of their current level of performance. This will enhance my instruction because I can provide my students with a visual tool that will show them much better than me just telling them or demonstrating myself. My students will learn to watch a video to learn and improve their ability to identify proper vs. improper form when executing a skill.

8. My personal pedagogy methods have always been to lead a child with baby steps. I show them just a small part of a skill and allow them to experience success them move on to the next phase. I try to avoid frustration and the child developing feelings of failure. I will continue with this method when using videos in my gym. Students will love to see themselves in videos. I will always find something to point out that is correct, then have them show me a part of their form that might need to be changed slightly. I always praise before correcting.

9. My skill level is almost non-existent. I am starting from the bottom.