Troop 1548 Tour Planning

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Troop 1548 Tour Planning by Mind Map: Troop 1548 Tour Planning

1. Communications

1.1. Planning Process

1.2. Planning Status

1.2.1. Milestones met

2. Tour Plan

2.1. Tour Permit

2.1.1. Info required to complete the permit Unit Number Length of Trip Mode of Transportation For Cars Main emergency contact for the tour Name Phone email Tour Info Name of Tour Description of Tour Attendance Adult Details (for each adult) Name, city, state, phone, email, BSA ID, youth protection status Itinerary Departure Date and location Destination(s) Date and Location Return Date and Location Optionally, route or trek maps General description of activities Training Verify Training requirements (per Guide to Safe Scouting) are met Verify consent and approval form completed for each participant Verify health records for each participant has been reviewed Verify all drivers are properly licensed Verify first aid kit is included Verify Roadside emergency kit(s) is included

2.2. Event Programs Info

2.2.1. Merit Badge Plan

2.2.2. Advancement Plan Up to First Class Skills Leadership Instruction

2.2.3. Fun Plan

2.3. Points of Contact

2.3.1. Troop Roster for the Event

2.3.2. Event Related Lodging Activities Local Hospital / EMS

2.4. Maps

2.4.1. Trail

2.4.2. Driving

2.5. Safety Plan

2.5.1. Youth Protection

2.5.2. Guide to Safe Scouting

2.6. Financial Plan

2.7. Transportation Plan

2.8. Schedules

2.8.1. Troop Schedule

2.8.2. Patrol Schedules

2.9. Gear Checklists

2.9.1. Create a list for adults to bring Personal Gear Patrol Gear

2.9.2. Create a list for boys to bring Personal Gear Patrol Gear

2.9.3. Troop Gear Trailer

2.10. Meal Plan

2.10.1. Troop

2.10.2. Adult Patrol

2.10.3. Youth Patrols

2.11. Duty Roster

2.11.1. Adult Patrol

2.11.2. Youth Patrols

2.11.3. Troop

2.12. Tent / Lodging Plans

3. Activity Timeline

3.1. (August) Annual Planning Meeting

3.1.1. Troop Calendar Date Theme

3.1.2. Scouters

3.1.3. Scouts

3.2. (T -52 days) Develop Briefing for PLC

3.2.1. Tour Plan Name of Tour Description of Tour General Description of activities Emergency Contact for the Tour Draft Safety and Training Plans Draft Merit Badge Plan Draft tent/lodging plan Draft financial plan Draft Troop Gear Checklist Draft Transportation Plan

3.2.2. Event Coordinator

3.2.3. Scoutmaster

3.3. (T -51 days) PLC

3.3.1. Meeting Plans Develop Agendas for Meetings prior to this tour

3.3.2. Tour Plan Troop Schedule / Itinerary Length of Trip Departure Date, Time, Location Destinations Date, Time, Location Return Date, Time, Location Mode(s) of Transportation Review Merit Badge Plan Draft Advancement Activities Plan Draft "Fun" Plan Review tent/lodging plan Review Troop Gear Checklist Draft Troop Meal Plans

3.3.3. PLC

3.3.4. SM

3.3.5. Event Coordinator

3.4. (T -35 days) Get a head count

3.4.1. Tour Plan Tour Roster Adults Youth Count of Aduls,

3.4.2. SPL

3.4.3. SM

3.5. (T -34 days) Committee Meeting

3.5.1. Tour Plan Review Tour Permit Review Lodging Plan Review and Finalize Transportation Plan Review Financial Plan Review Safety Plan Review Training Plan

3.5.2. Committee Members

3.6. (T -30 days) Make Reservations

3.6.1. Tour Plan Reservation Confirmation Details

3.6.2. Event Coordinator

3.7. (T -30 days) Troop Meeting

3.7.1. Meeting Plans

3.7.2. Troop

3.8. (T -23 days) Troop Meeting

3.8.1. Meeting Plans

3.8.2. Troop

3.9. (T -22 days) Develop Tour Permit

3.9.1. Tour Permit

3.9.2. Event Coordinator / Tour Permit Coordinator

3.10. (T -20 days)

3.10.1. Tour Plan Finalize Safety and Training Plans Add Lodging, Activities and EMS POCs

3.10.2. Event Coordinator

3.10.3. Scoutmaster

3.11. (T -21 days) PLC

3.11.1. Revise agendas for meetings prior to tour

3.11.2. Tour Plan Add Detailed Maps Driving Trail Draft Duty Roster Finalize Troop Schedule Draft Personal Gear Checklist Review Troop Meal Plans Review Lodging and Tenting Plans

3.11.3. PLC

3.11.4. SM

3.11.5. Event Coordinator

3.12. (T -21 days) File Tour Permit

3.12.1. Tour Permit

3.12.2. Event Coordinator / Tour Permit Coordinator

3.13. (T -16 days) Troop Meeting

3.13.1. Meeting Plans

3.13.2. Tour Plan Review Personal Gear Checklist

3.13.3. Troop

3.14. (T -9 days) Troop Meeting

3.14.1. Meeting Plans

3.14.2. Tour Plan Review Meal Plans

3.14.3. Troop

3.15. (T -4 days) Committee Meeting

3.15.1. Tour Plan Finalize Financial Plan Review Personal Gear checklist Review Troop Gear Checklist

3.16. (T -2 days) Troop Meeting

3.16.1. Meeting Plans

3.16.2. Tour Plan Finalize Duty Roster

3.16.3. Troop

3.17. (T -1 day) Patrol Meeting

3.17.1. Review Patrol Meal Plans

3.17.2. Review Patrol Tenting and Lodging Plans

3.17.3. Review Patrol Duty Roster

3.18. (T -0) Publish Tour Plan

4. Brainstorming

4.1. Recommend Tour Plan is electronic on Google Docs

4.2. Recommend No data is duplicated / double entered

4.3. Wonder of scouts can access the tour permit

5. Phil's Notebook

5.1. The Event

5.1.1. Travel Spreadsheet Ruth Roster Adult Youth Fees Contact info Transportation Plan

5.1.2. Camp Duty Roster SPL

5.1.3. Release Form Event Planner

5.1.4. Program Event Planner

5.2. The Troop

5.2.1. Troop Roster

5.2.2. Troop Positions

5.2.3. Medical Forms