reasons for diversity in singapore

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reasons for diversity in singapore by Mind Map: reasons for diversity in singapore

1. 1: Immigration Policy

1.1. To attract foreign investment into Singapore and improve the employment rate

1.2. To revive the declining population in Singapore and the brain drain where many Singaporeans migrated to other countries

1.2.1. Without Immigration Singapore's population is projected to decline from 2025 with the low birth rates The continued low birth rate will lead to a shrink in customer base The working-age citizens is projected to decline from 2020

1.2.2. The number of elderly citizens will triple to 900000 by 2030 Worsen the age-dependency ratio As the government revenue from taxing the working-age citizens will be used to support an increasing number of elderly citizens. Increases tax and economic burden on the working-age population

1.3. Main objective is to meet Singapore's manpower needs

1.4. Policy currently focuses on a higher-skilled foreign workforce

1.4.1. To support a knowledge-based economy

1.5. Foreign power who come to Singapore are known as migrants

1.5.1. Choose to be Singapore citizens or permanent residents

1.5.2. bring a diversity of cultures, practices and customs

1.5.3. immigrants also come with skills, valuable experiences and business networks

1.5.4. contribute ideas and expertise to Singapore’s economy.

1.6. The framework is holistic, and considers a range of factors, including the applicants’

1.6.1. ability to contribute to Singapore

1.6.2. adapt to our society and

1.6.3. show their commitment to Singapore.

2. 2: Economic opportunities

2.1. Singapore has the best investment potentials, is the easiest place to do business, and has the least corruption

2.1.1. This allows Singapore to be a prime location to do business and due to the transparency in the businesses, people can ensure that there are no deals happening behind them

2.2. Singapore has economic opportunities which attracts migrants and immigrants who are looking for employment.

2.2.1. Due to lack of employment opportunities in their home country, this is a pull factor for them to go towards the potential economic opportunities

2.3. Singapore's gross domestic product is increasing over the years

3. 3: Socio-cultural environment

3.1. Quality of life

3.1.1. Singapore's no.2 ranking in terms of quality of life for expatriates more immigrants from various countries will feel inclined to settle down in Singapore for a better future and better situations

3.2. Support groups

3.2.1. immigrants can receive help and aid in a new environment through immigrant support groups

3.3. Safe environment

3.3.1. Singapore's crime rates are low and declining ever since 2005 immigrants will feel safe and protected by the Singapore police force and society