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Creature by Mind Map: Creature

1. Strong

1.1. 8 Feet Tall

1.2. Easily cuts trees

2. Victor's creation

2.1. Scared of his own creation

2.2. Wants to kill him

3. Good or Bad?

3.1. Nature or Nurture?

3.2. Good

3.2.1. Helps protectors

3.2.2. Helps little girl from drowning

3.2.3. Talks to Father

3.3. Bad

3.3.1. Kills William

3.3.2. Blames Girl

3.3.3. Threatens Victor

4. Alone

4.1. Wants a friend

4.1.1. Trys to make friends with "protectors" Fails Helps Protectors

4.1.2. Asks Victor for a female friend

5. Scared of the world

5.1. Confused

5.2. Doesn't understand

5.2.1. Doesn't speak a language

6. Smart

6.1. Quickly learns to survive

6.1.1. Learns how to speak quickly Watches/listens to Protectors Reads hard books

6.1.2. Eats Berries/fruits

7. BladeRunner

7.1. Replicants

7.1.1. Trying to survive

7.1.2. Superhuman Stronger than humans Possibly smarter than humans Don't have a "soul"

7.1.3. Creations of man

7.1.4. Good or Bad? Bad Killed people Good Tried to fit in Helped humans Sometimes nice Just trying to survive Killed the creator to stop the making of replicants

7.1.5. Roy Main idea Becomes the "good guy" at the end Kills the creator Kills 3 people just like in Frankenstein

7.2. Deckard

7.2.1. Fixing someone else's mess

7.2.2. When given the chance, doesn't kill creature

7.2.3. Creature wants to kill him, but decides against it

7.3. Rachel

7.3.1. Misunderstood

7.3.2. Confused

7.3.3. Alone

7.3.4. Lied to