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about MaFI by Mind Map: about MaFI
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about MaFI

MaFI workshop during the SEEP Annual Conference

Proposed topics for 2012


A manifesto to change the rules of the international development cooperation system to make it more facilitation-friendly for inclusive market development initiatives.

Relationships donors-practitioners

How we work in the field

Capacity building

How we measure our impacts

Members's discussions

Member-led discussion syntheses

Special events

Featured e-discussions



This is an ongoing initiative. MaFI members introduce themselves to the rest of the group (on LinkedIn only).

Virtual interactions

LinkedIn (for committed members)

Facebook page


Local learning groups

Top Influencer of the Month Award

Storage and sharing




SEEP Website

Complexity Dialogues

Lessons for facilitators

Video lesson #1

Video lesson #2

MaFI Ambassadors

Ways to make MaFI work for you (Please discuss with the facilitator in advance)

Do your meet often with colleagues nearby? Connect that group with MaFI

Turn your project team into a local learning group

Bring training or mentoring discussions into MaFI. Why keeping them amongst a few when they could change the world or get inputs from top-class experts?

Make MaFI part of your competitive advantages when writing a proposal

Do you or any of your colleagues have to organise a presentation about a topic that is relevant to MaFI members? Why not doing it thorugh MaFI to boost your outreach and enrich it with the collective wisdom of MaFI members?

Giving your blog more visibility and a specialist audience (through RSS integration).

Ways in which you can help MaFI

Promote a discussion that matters to you: share experiences and resources, ask questions, challenge members, etc.

Use the 4 BRICs for effective interactions: Brief, Relevant, Interesting and Clear

Use the "like" (thumbs up) button when you like a discussion or a post.

Close the learning loops: if you got enough feedback, let MaFI know what you learned or how you used the knowledge to change the world

Say "THANKS" in public to all of those who have interacted with you.

Embed MaFI documents from Slideshare into your websites and blogs. E.g.

Spread MaFI love around the world: talk about it with your friends and colleagues.

Show off your afiliation to MaFI in your CV. Being an active and committed MaFI member means that you are a world changer.

Help to synthesise a discussion you care about and share it with the world.

Show off your contributions to MaFI via your social networks and in your CV. For example: "This month I am the winner of the MaFI Top Influencer of the Month Award!" or "Today I learned this on MaFI: ___"

Promote a local learning group in your organisation or village/town/city.

Ask the facilitator to send you the instructions to introduce yourself to the rest of MaFI

Follow MaFI on Twitter (@marketfacil) and re-tweet stuff you like

Become a fan of MaFI on Facebook and share stuff you like with your network of friends.