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RDF Burner by Mind Map: RDF Burner
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RDF Burner



Program Event

A program event fires through the framework's event handling. This event causes the creation of a gesture object. One possible refinement of the prototype is to define a mapping between the "hardware" program event and the intent "gesture".

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Use this for Microsoft Access Databases

Project Collaboration


Project Management



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Triple Entry




Ontology Driven Development

Gesture Mapping

A hardware event, i.e. "Key_Down keyDownArrow" is translated into a Gesture which is an object that represents the actual intent of the user, i.e. "Move the focus to the Selection Grid". The Gesture (given a context?) maps nicely into a list of program features that need to be invoked.

Linked Queries

Refine the "Linked Query". The results of a query (SPARQL, SQL, etc.) has a "current row" concept. The current row has associated relatable "keys". The results of a query is derived from the query's restrictions with variables carried as parameters whose in-values are expected to keys from the current row of some other query in a "current" state. Classic master-child type of pattern only this extends into a network of queries all linked via the key values of the their respective current row and the in-values of their parameters.