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My Room by Mind Map: My Room

1. My bed

1.1. mattress

1.1.1. soft, hole in the middle

1.1.2. Warm blanket very snuggily

2. Cold

3. My desk

3.1. A glass desk

3.1.1. Small Crowded with items

3.2. Computer

3.2.1. Computer Games Fun

3.2.2. Facebook Chatting with people Fun Funny

3.2.3. NFL Fun to watch/follow

3.2.4. UFC Fun to watch/follow

3.2.5. Itunes Music Calming Movies Comedy TV Shows Cooking shows Breaking Bad

3.2.6. Skype Group Skype call with friends Calling my Uncle Hilarious Fun to talk to

4. Bathroom

4.1. Close

4.1.1. Perfume Aroma