Copy of Unit 6: E-tools of teaching and Learning

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Copy of Unit 6: E-tools of teaching and Learning by Mind Map: Copy of Unit 6: E-tools of teaching and Learning

1. Video Exemplar

2. Mirandamods

3. Tools

3.1. Synchronous

3.1.1. Real time Back channel use during live session Other - Exemplars in HE Hotseat chat - Twitter Stream Cover it Live Use of Storify

3.1.2. messaging

3.2. Asynchronous

3.2.1. e-mail

3.2.2. forums Lurking

3.2.3. Wikis Exemplar

3.2.4. Blogging

3.3. Synchronous/Asynchronous/ MultiModal

3.3.1. MindMaps Exemplars

3.3.2. EtherPad

3.3.3. Twitter

3.3.4. FlashMeeting

3.3.5. Google Hangout

4. Other Units

4.1. Unit 7

4.2. Unit 6

4.3. Unit 9

4.4. Unit 4

5. Teaching

5.1. Scenarios/ Arenas

5.1.1. Online Reading Traditional/ evolving Courseware Lecture Collaborative Online Tools exemplars Progressive/ Emergent Emergent Pedagogies Assessment

5.1.2. Face to Face School Exemplars Flipped Teaching HE to School Students as Apprentices - HE to school model School collaborative pedagogical models School Based Training

5.1.3. Blended Event Driven Learning Exemplars

5.1.4. Institutional Action Research Exemplars Use of LMS

5.1.5. Cross organisation arenas Case Study of Professional Association Community of Practice The Emergence of CAS

6. Learning

6.1. Face to Face

6.1.1. Blended Learning Flipped teaching Event Driven Learning Exemplars Blended

6.1.2. Students as Apprentices - HE to school model

6.1.3. School collaborative pedagogical models Use of e-tools by Faculties

6.2. Online Learning

6.2.1. Formal VLE Non-Linear

6.2.2. Informal BYOD BYOD Exemplars LA Exemplar Mobile Learning JISC Mobile Learning InfoKit

6.3. Communities of Practice

6.3.1. CPD Teacher Professional Dev Paper

6.3.2. Emergent Learning / Heutagogy People + Resources = Learning

6.3.3. PLN DIgital Identity Presentation By Sue Beckingham

6.3.4. Etienne Wenger

6.3.5. Building Online Communities across sectors

6.4. Information Literacy

6.4.1. Digital Literacies Web Literacies Exemplar JISC Digital Literacies Program Distributed Baseline Institutional Audit Video exemplars Summary of the Professional Association Baseline Reports Summary of Project Baseline Reports Doug Belshaw Social Media Literacies JIsc - Emerging Practice in a Digital Age

6.5. Rhizomatic Learning

6.5.1. Exemplars Pinterest Group on Rhizomic Learning

6.5.2. Connected Communities

6.6. VLE

6.6.1. Linear Blackboard HE Portal Moodle Academic MOOC Coursera Udacity Udemy EDx PLP eportfolios Jisc exemplars JIsc InfoKits on eportfolios Video exemplars of e-portfolios in FE/HE

6.7. Moocs

6.7.1. Connectivism HE Exemplar

6.7.2. HE OU Exemplar Mooc Autumn 2012

7. Content

7.1. Scope

7.1.1. Content Delivery Presentation Open Institutional Research Tools Zotero Curation Archiving Plagiarism/ Citation JISC InfoKits Tools Document Preparation

8. Discussions

8.1. Platforms vs Distributed Resources or Blend

8.1.1. Institutional or Adaptive Learning? Further Reading Smart Mobs Everything is Miscellaneous Here Comes Everybody

8.2. In the light of increased connectivity how is social change determining use of E-Tools.

8.2.1. What contexts and Scenarios are beginning to determine learning if any.

9. New node