Zero Award Workshop ideas

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Zero Award Workshop ideas by Mind Map: Zero Award Workshop ideas

1. Green bus "coach"

1.1. design

1.1.1. solar panel on roof

1.1.2. windmill (helical & traditional) on roof

1.1.3. Solar ink (laminated) on wheels

1.2. natural gas powered

1.3. Financing

1.3.1. sponsors (soda manufacturers)

1.4. function

1.4.1. booth for selling icecream & drinks (recycle cans)

1.4.2. stage with live presentations f.i. recycling (crushing plastic bottles to pellets)

1.4.3. awareness tool (advertizing)

1.5. is bus really ecological?

2. Interior green design

2.1. solar energy - heating water

2.2. flushing toilet - rain water

2.3. motion sensor - turn light on / off

2.4. optimized aircondition system

2.5. inner walling

2.5.1. totally green home / no cancenogenic insulation (asbestos / formaldehyde)

2.5.2. use carbon Ebrick for interior heat insulation

3. produce energy from see-tide

3.1. hydra for tide + waterwheel

3.2. concrete building at sight with much waves -> wave power plants

3.2.1. water wave-movements transformed to mechanical energy & electricity through system with L-shaped pipe

4. energy from noise

4.1. especially Cairo abundant resource

4.2. soundwaves

4.3. radiation

4.4. energy from play (football/lamp)

5. decentralization

5.1. providing as much personalized & localized solutions for each location

5.1.1. individual traffic-solutions

5.2. construction materials produced localy

5.2.1. teaching people on location how to build

5.3. decentralization of service

5.3.1. waste management

5.3.2. renewable energy

5.3.3. pollution reduction

6. scaling up

6.1. preservation of historical buildings through developing of whole neighborhood instead of demolishijng or restauring just the actual building

6.2. planning for later cultural preservation when designing new buildings

6.3. refers to all green solutions: strategies for scaling up beyond first implementation

7. no waste

7.1. avoiding waste

7.2. recycling waste-products

7.3. Product cycle with minimal waste

7.4. eatable waste?

7.5. smokable waste?

7.6. let plants eat waste (fertilizer)

8. sustainable energy

8.1. using energy in sustainable way

8.2. preventing exploiting it

8.3. better ways of generating energy

9. efficient implementation

9.1. make resource use more efficient: global network for communication between countries on availablility of resources (f.i. icehubs network)

9.2. recycling the undamaged

9.2.1. trade / share abundant resources

10. in-field gazifier

10.1. avoid "black cloud"

10.2. ecological burning of rize straw on location & use the ashes for terrapretta

11. hordy-block

11.1. lightweight slabs: roof / wall insulation

12. toilet flush

12.1. semi flush / full flush

12.2. compressed air to minimize water-usage

12.3. use grohe (ventury) system for taps also for flushing

13. new land-management

13.1. africa is the future: rich in resources

13.2. national mechanization of farming systems

13.2.1. give owners of land shares in corporations of industrial farming

13.3. improve laws

13.3.1. legalize green policies

14. Green home shop

14.1. furniture with 3 booths

14.1.1. paper (shred -> compress)

14.1.2. plastic (compress)

14.1.3. metals (hydraulic press: compress cans)

14.2. home-compost

14.3. selling trash is incentive to separate

15. Automatic recycling machine

15.1. solid waste separation based on weight (implemented in brasil)

15.1.1. conveyor system with steps: 1. fan, 2. magnet (metals), 3. centrifuge (non-magnetic solid waste), 4. adjustable fan according to weights

15.2. bio-degradable waste recycling

16. de-salination using sun energy

16.1. heating water with mirrors to evaporate water

16.2. product: purified drinking water & salt

17. multiple / multipurpose

17.1. learning from nature (plants have many functions for nature)

17.2. universal principle

17.3. example: biomimicry / how tree adapts to high temperature and create product out of it

17.3.1. "learning from trees": solar panel acting like mitocondria / photosyntesis

17.4. creating nature

18. integration of problems & needs

18.1. example: addis street-children collect organic garbage from river to use as fertilizer to grow vegetables

19. leave earth alone

19.1. generate energy high up in the air, to save space on earth

20. motion

20.1. involve humans in energy-creation

20.1.1. collect motion-energy for electricity generation

20.1.2. use energy for decentral purposes (laundry-machine, etc)

20.1.3. revolving doors at government offices, jails, etc

20.1.4. exercise machines

21. green education campaign

21.1. raise ecological awareness

21.1.1. waste / public trashcans

21.1.2. campaign in specific location posters buttons: awarding people with buttons (medals) for good actions / cleaning -> neighbours are made aware of it bracelets sign / button for houses (select few houses in one street) membership of icecairo community (better bracelet depending on green actions)

22. water quality through lowtech filter

22.1. improve water quality through filter

22.2. lowtech

22.3. kit for bying when bying new flat

22.4. problem: too high demand of bottled water in egypt

22.4.1. recently tap water not quite safe (contamination from sewers)

22.4.2. too much chlorine

22.5. inspiration: welofil waterfilter

22.6. activated carbon

22.7. sand

22.8. filter by bacteria? expensive

22.9. works contiuously

22.10. addis tap water = fine to drink /south contains sulfur

22.11. using grey water for watering plants

22.12. inspiration: Grohe System / ventury theory

22.12.1. central filter unit for whole building

22.13. should be adapted to the quality of water in each region

22.14. circulate water when storing

22.15. inspiration: american military membrane filter

23. roof-top urban garden

23.1. use grey water on roof

23.1.1. filter water through mechanical filter or plants

23.2. plants on roof (urban agriculture)

23.3. water insulation on roof expensive?

23.3.1. foil / plastic

23.3.2. cactus juice

23.4. positive effects (cairo)

23.4.1. less airconditioning

23.4.2. more food

23.4.3. less grey water