History Of Photography

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History Of Photography by Mind Map: History Of Photography

1. (Photograms) CyanoTypes

1.1. New node

2. First 35mm Camera

3. First Kodak camera

4. First Mega Pixel Camera

5. Sir John F.W. Herschel

6. First Photographic Negative (William Henry Fox Talbot)

7. First Moving Image

8. First Digital Camera

9. Wet Plate Process created

9.1. New node

10. First Photograph Taken

10.1. New node

11. First Digital image created

12. Camera Obscura

13. Dates of Iconic Photos

13.1. Moon Landing

13.2. New York. Construction Workers

14. First 35mm still camera developed

15. Daguerreotypes

15.1. New node

16. Polaroid Instant Camera

17. First Colour image

18. Henry Fox Talbot-Lacock Abby