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Sign Language Translator by Mind Map: Sign Language Translator

1. Research

1.1. Looking at YouTube tutorials by popular computer science channels and learning from there

1.1.1. This is how I learnt coding before and its a free and good alternative if you can find a good source Is there a way for me to document everything I learn? Making a journal entry of everything I learn

1.2. Paying for a course such as on Udemy to get qualified tutoring at a low cost

1.2.1. Best option as many who are on Udemy have qualifiations which can teach me the right thing and in a good manner

1.2.2. Can I find free or cheaper alternatives than Udemy? For Udemy VS Coursera, are the courses worth the cost and if so am I learning better content in either one or is it the same? Looking at reviews to get customer experience of each website

1.2.3. Udemy Vs Coursera

1.3. Asking and learning from a peer who knows such topics already

1.3.1. Person to person interactions are the best as I can ask questions and get responses immediately however does anyone in SAS know how to do ML? Recording my learnings if other person is comfortable as. a way to reflect on the learning and revisit in need

1.4. What are existing alternatives doing?

1.4.1. How can I be different (linking to driving question)? The value prop.

1.5. FUTURE STEPS (AFTER MVP DEVELOPMENT BUT TO THINK OF NOW) - How will my product be marketed in a unique way instead of just running social media ads?

1.5.1. Incorporating email marketing or phone calls to increase personalisation and response rate

2. Mentor

2.1. Someone who works in an industry or company that incorporates the use of data analytics and machine learning

2.1.1. how will I validate or ensure the mentor is what I need and will be helpful in my catalyst journey

2.2. Machine Learning Engineer

2.2.1. Could I validate him/her through some of his projects on LinkedIn? Can I use their connections to find someone who can help with website or the mentor itself can help?

2.2.2. Seeking contacts from connections I already have in the space

2.3. Python or other programming language expert who has used modules that I require in my project

2.3.1. Someone who knows TensorflowJS or nodeJS to upload to a website might be helpful Do I have to pay for a domain? Are there any other ways to upload without a website?

2.4. Sign Language Tutor or someone who knows sign language

2.4.1. Mr Harvey may know someone as he used sign language previously - building connections from established connections...

3. Product

3.1. A GitHub repository plus a video demonstration

3.1.1. Figuring out git commands but won't be user friendly

3.1.2. Maybe CSHS can help to upload on this

3.1.3. How will other users try and run the program if they don't know coding

3.2. Uploaded on localhost server initially and if I have time, uploading to maybe heroku + Video demonstration

3.2.1. Should. be fine as I am assuming I am going to be presenting at the end of catalyst so only I need to be able to run it Creating a README file so that people can understand how to run the program Talking to mentor to take website to next level after the catalyst project

3.3. Just a video demonstration if time is a constraint

3.3.1. Can do video demo or live demo from computer but it won't be an end product without putting on a reachable platform like web app Can I do the opposite as well? Converting text into sign language which can help teach people sign language? An accuracy checker to see if someone is doing the right sign language

4. Driving Question

4.1. How can we effectively learn and understand machine learning and apply machine learning concepts to enhance sign language communication for speech-impaired and hearing-impaired people?

4.1.1. What is my value proposition? From feedback: "Why is yours more valuable than other systems? Why would someone invest in your project rather than other big companies?"