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Goal by Mind Map: Goal

1. Strategic Objective

1.1. IR 1: Communicate view of mandala as a whole

1.1.1. Establishing Maha View IR 1.1 Increase understanding of interconnective view SP 1.1.1 Presentations/Publicity Materials introduced and made available

1.2. IR 2: Develop view and practice of inviting/engaging people to join Shambhala mandala re: membership

1.2.1. Establishing Project View IR 2.1 Develop UGM view and practice reguarding membership SP 2.1.1 Identify where and how introducing UGM would be most effective (Level 1, HOP ask, fliers, etc) SP 2.1.2 Establish what actions take priority and create short and long term implementation plan IR 2.2 Collect membership best practices SP 2.2.1 Create a body of best practices SP 2.2.2 Make best practices accessible for reference and growth SP 2.2.3 Create feedback loop to maintain currency of best practices

1.3. IR 3: Improve procedures for inviting/engaging Shambhala Community as members; increase consistency while maintaining flexibility

1.3.1. Project Structure IR 3.1: Collaborate to create a flexible, unified membership system based on best practices SP 3.1 Local centers and UGM team use results from IR 2 to tailored project to fit site's needs IR 3:2: Establish clearly delineated roles for CoM and Local Centers SP 3.2.1 Clearly define areas of responsibility for CoM and local centers SP 3.2.2 Establish work flow for CoM + local centers for UGM implementation and ongoing IR 3.3 Establish collaboration between CoM and local Centers SP 3.1.1 Establish lines of communication and feedback loop SP 3.1.2 Provide/create/introduce useful communication tools

1.4. IR4: Increase capacity of centers to invite/engage community members as part of Shambhala Mandala re: membership

1.4.1. Capacity Building - inviting/engaging IR 4.1 Increased understanding+buy-in view of UGM membership SP 4.1.1 Presentations/Publicity Materials introduced and made available SP 1.1.2 Cultivating community spokespeople SP 1.1.2 Dialogues with Community Leaders and Community IR 4.2 Ability increased to access/create membership materials and sustained support at the community and CoM level SP 4.2.1 Create flexible, accessible membership tools/templates SP 4.2.2 Training/Admin. capacity building in tools needed for membership support SP 4.2.3 Create systems of local leadership to support membership SP 4.2.4 Cultivate community members who will be empowered to institute and sustain membership

1.5. IR 5: Improved finance management capacity evaluating and optimizing membership/program revenue

1.5.1. Capacity Building - Finance IR 5.1 Increased ability to assess center financial health SP 2.1.1 Training for Center Finance Representative SP 2.1.2 Create accessible tools for assessing financial health SP 2.1.3 Establish resources (human and financial) for troubleshooting finance questions that arise IR 5.2 Increased ability to manage membership funds/program revenue SP 2.2.1 Create accessible methods for tracking members, memebership gifts and program revenue SP 2.2.2 Provide training initially and as needed re: membership tracking SP 2.2.3 Institute methods for preserving institutional memory

2. Capacity = Knowledge+Ability (human/resources) to set and achieve goals over time CoM = Center of the Mandala IR = Intermediate Results, result/outcome needed for SO->Goal SP=Sub-Project

3. Branches after SP 1.1.1 Are to illustrate how tasks are created from the Results Framework. These tasks go into a work breakdown structure.

4. We are currently on IR 1&2