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Seasons by Mind Map: Seasons

1. Summer

1.1. Story

1.1.1. introduce summer and read a summer story

1.2. Art project

1.2.1. painting favorite summer activity

1.3. Assessment

1.3.1. worksheet assess kids on if they can identify summer activities by using a worksheet

1.4. Holidays

1.4.1. Read about summer holidays and discuss

2. Fall

2.1. Story

2.1.1. introduce and read story about fall

2.2. Art Project (small group)

2.2.1. Have students collect leaves and bring in to make a fall collage with their groups

2.3. Assessment

2.3.1. have students draw a picture of what they think fall looks like

2.4. Holidays

2.4.1. Field trip to pumpkin patch

2.4.2. watch videos on Fall holidays

2.4.3. Halloween party if in season

3. Winter

3.1. Story

3.1.1. Introduce and read about winter

3.2. Art/Sensory

3.2.1. Make your own snow

3.3. Assessment

3.3.1. Show and tell Have students bring in an item that you wear in the winter (discuss how we use that and why in the winter)

3.4. Holidays

3.4.1. Learn about what holidays are during the season (Reading)

4. Spring

4.1. Story

4.1.1. Read about and introduce spring

4.2. Project

4.2.1. Have students plant their own flowers in little pots to watch grow then bring home (keep a daily journal on how their plants are growing)

4.3. Assessment

4.3.1. Worksheet Have students circle and identify which animals they would see during spring time

4.4. Holiday

4.4.1. learn about Spring Holidays by watching some youtube videos

5. Unit Assessment

5.1. Small Group Activity

5.1.1. Have students pair up and pick out one of the seasons The group will act out and record a skit involving the season and what one may do. assess how well they demonstrate their knowledge about the season and what it entails