9 Elments of Digital Citizenship

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9 Elments of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: 9 Elments of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Literacy

1.1. The capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it.

1.2. School work using only digital objects to understand new things.

1.3. Using books, not being up to date with the twenty first centrey.

2. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

2.1. The pribileges and freedoms edtended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them.

2.2. Reporting a person online thats is harming others.

2.3. Causing harm to others instead of helping or being nice.

3. Digital Health and Wellness.

3.1. The element of physical and psychological well-being related digital technolory use.

3.2. Knowing technology can hurt others.

3.3. Not caring about others feelings with technology.

4. Digital Law

4.1. The legal rights and restrictions governigh technology use.

4.2. Using the internet for good.

4.3. Using it to plagerize.

5. Digital Security

5.1. The precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network.

5.2. Password look on one's Ipod.

5.3. A unprotected network, people could change the information.

6. Digital Etiquette

6.1. The standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users.

6.2. Talk very nively and soft.

6.3. Being rude, and loud.

7. Digital Communication

7.1. The electric exchange of information.

7.2. To inform them about things.

7.3. Faking to be someone else.

8. Digital Access

8.1. Full electronic participation in society.

8.2. Doing school project

8.3. People can bully on it.

9. Digital Commerce

9.1. The buying and selling of goods online.

9.1.1. New node

9.2. Ebay with secutiry and shipping rights.

9.2.1. New node

9.3. People that sell broke objects but put a picture of a new one so someone buys it.