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Italy-Rome by Mind Map: Italy-Rome

1. Italy has a population of approximately 60.63 million people.

2. Italy's climate is very diverse and often the temperature depends on where you are.

2.1. Spring weather in Italy is usually warm, although there are still traces of rain and snow from the previous winter.

2.2. The climate during the summer season can get very high temperatures and feel a very hot climate especially in southern areas.

2.3. The climate during autumn in Italy begins with pleasant and warm temperatures, however with the passing of the days and months, the temperatures drop and the environment turns cold.

2.4. During winter in the northern regions of the country the temperatures are very low and the cold is intense.

3. The official language in Italy is Italian

4. In Italy the economy is managed through euros and one euro is equivalent to 23.76 Mexican pesos

5. Italian culture is renowned for its art, its culture and its many monuments, including the Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum.

6. Some customs of Italy are:

6.1. New Years Eve

6.1.1. Family dynamics tend to vary by family, but the simplest rituals consist of circling and praying together for the new year.

6.2. Italian Christmas

6.2.1. Every December 24, Italy is dressed in a thousand colors and joy for being the birth of the baby Jesus, where families gather to share food. However, in some cities such as Rome, the movement is different due to the presence of the pope and other activities.

6.3. La Macchina di Santa Rosa

6.3.1. Every September 3 in the populous city of Viterbo, homage is paid to Santa María Rosa, who is credited with being the town's savior.

6.4. Holy week

6.4.1. The week Mayor is the most important religious holiday in Italy, as it deals with the last days of Jesus on earth. Holy Week in Italy is synonymous with customs, popular festivals, gastronomy, traditional games or processions.

7. Some of the typical dishes of Italy are:

7.1. It consists of a type of pasta in the shape of a square sheet that is placed in the shape of a block and is filled with meat, fish or vegetables, and to finish abundant cheese with which it will give it its usual gratin appearance.

7.1.1. Lasagna

7.2. This typical Italian food is prepared with rice and Parmesan cheese.

7.2.1. Risotto

7.3. This specialty of Italian cuisine is similar to a vegetable soup, with the only difference that it also contains pasta and in some recipes meat, chicken or ham. The most commonly used ingredients for this soup are carrots, onions, beans, celery, and tomatoes.

7.3.1. Minestrone soup

7.4. The origin of pizza has a lot to do with bread in Italy, since in ancient Rome it was customary to make bread in a circular shape and cut into portions. Years later, other ingredients such as tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese would be added to this flour dough.

7.4.1. Pizza

8. Rome the capital of Italy is a beautiful city, with the added benefit of being very easy to visit on foot. It is full of ancient monuments, beautiful squares and museums. Some of the places that can be visited are:

8.1. The Roman forum

8.1.1. The Colisseum

8.2. The pantheon

8.3. Navona Square

8.4. Trevi's Fountain

9. Some of the most important buildings in Italy are: The roman forum, the pantheon, trevi´s fountain, navona square, tower of pizza.

9.1. The Ponte Vecchio

9.1.1. The Duomo

9.2. The Basilica San Marco

9.2.1. The Castel del Monte

9.3. Monreale Cathedral

9.3.1. The Castel dell'Ovo

9.4. The sand