New Medias & New Literacies

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New Medias & New Literacies by Mind Map: New Medias & New Literacies

1. Weeks 1 & 2

1.1. Literacy

1.1.1. Debates New Media as a teaching tool Proponents Opponents

1.1.2. Three-Dimensional Model of Literacy Operational (Common Literacy Practices) Cultural (Specific Literacy Practices) Critical (Critiquing Literary Practices)

1.1.3. Transformations Primitive Symbol Systems Complex Oral Language Early Writing Manuscript Literacy Print Literacy Video Literacy Digital/Multimedia/Hypertext Literacy Virtual Reality

1.1.4. Digital Enhancing Cognitive Development MiGen Ensemble Supporting Learning Communities SynergyNet Working Collaboritively LDSE hapTEL Increasing Authenticity Personal Inquiry Inter-Life

1.2. Communication

1.2.1. Mutlimodality Screen or Page Writing Image DVD or Website Writing Image Moving Image Music Speech Face to Face Gesture Speech Image Spatial Position

1.2.2. Media Type Page and Book Computer Monitor Phone or Tablet Screen

1.2.3. Social Structures and Social Relations

1.2.4. Constellations of Mode and Medium

2. Weeks 3 & 4

2.1. Participatory Cultures

2.1.1. Affiliations Facebook Message Boards

2.1.2. Expressions Fan Fiction Skinning

2.1.3. Collaborative Problem-solving Wikipedia SecondLife

2.1.4. Circulations Podcasting Blogging

2.1.5. Defined Low Barriers to artistic expression and civic engagement Strong support for creating and sharing ones creations with others Informal mentorship whereby what is known by the most experienced is passed along to novices Members believe their contributions matter Members feel some degree of social connection with one another (They care)

2.2. Skills for New Literacies

2.2.1. Play Demand for Certain Skills Motivation to acquire further knowledge Gaining a sense of oneself as a learner

2.2.2. Performance

2.2.3. Simulation

2.2.4. Appropriation

2.2.5. Multitasking

2.2.6. Distributed Cognition

2.2.7. Collective Intelligence

2.2.8. Judgement

2.2.9. Transmedia Navigation

2.2.10. Networking

2.2.11. Negotiation

2.3. Affinity Spaces

2.3.1. Online Collaborative Inquriy

2.3.2. Online Reading Comprehension

2.3.3. Online Content Creations