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Infection control


Safety glasses

Face shields

Protective gloves

Non-permeable barriers

Coloured identification rings

Instrument cassettes

Autoclave tape

Sterilisation pouch


Bottle brushes

Bur brushes

Ultrasonic cleaner

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Basic Instruments

Mouth mirror

Periodontal probe


College tweezers

Metal ruler

Bib holder

Patient Bib

Cotton Rolls

2 x 2 gauze


Dental Radiography

Radiograph film

Occlusal radiograph

Peri-apical radiograph

Bite-wing radiograph

Panoramic radiograph/OPG (Orthopantomograph)

Cephalometric radiograph

Extension cone paralleling (XCP) film holders

X-ray viewer


Intra-oral X-ray machine

Extra-oral X-ray machine

Lead apron and thyroid collar

Dosimeter/radiation monitoring badge

Local Anaesthesia

Self-aspirating local anaesthetic syringe

Disposable needle

Glass disposable local anaesthetic cartridge

Intraligamentary syringe

Needle stick protector

Sharps’ disposal container

Instruments Used for Rubber Dam Placement

Rubber dam punch

Rubber dam clamps

Rubber dam clamp forceps

Rubber dam frame

Rubber dam material

Handpieces, Burs and Rotary Attachments

Air turbine handpiece. Also called: fast handpiece, high speed handpiece, air rotor handpiece

Straight handpiece

Electric motor

Conventional handpieces. Also called: slow speed handpieces, low speed handpieces

Friction grip bur

Latch grip burs

Diamond burs

Long shank surgical burs

Acrylic bur


Bristle brushes

rubber polishing cups

Bur blocks

Instruments and Sundries Used in Moisture Control

Disposable saliva ejector/Low volume suction

High volume suction tip

Disposable cotton wool rolls

Cotton pellets

Metal air/water syringe

Reference : BASIC GUIDE TO DENTAL INSTRUMENTS by :Carmen Scheller

Instruments Used in Removable and Fixed Prosthodontics

Fox’s occlusal plane guide

Willis bite gauge

Paint scraper/Hot plate

Le Cron carver

Wax knife

Red ribbon wax\Utility wax

Bite registration paste

Modelling wax\Base plate wax

Greenstick composition

Green occlusal indicating wax

Crown forms

Beebee crown scissors/shears

Johnson contouring pliers

Crown remover

Cord packer/gingival retraction cord instrument

Gingival retraction cord

Pre-fabricated/pre-formed post kit

Wooden-handled impression spatulas

Fish tail spatula

Plaster spatula

Impression Trays

Metal perforated type trays

Plastic type/stock tray

Universal sectional impression tray

Custom tray/special tray

Instruments Used in Periodontal Procedures

Williams periodontal probe

Community Periodontal Probe Index of Treatment Needs)

Furcation probe

Jacquette scaler

Push scaler

Sickle scaler

Periodontal hoes

Universal curette

Gracey curettes

Implant scalers

Ultrasonic scaler tips

Sharpening stone

Disposable prophy angle attachments

Prophy paste

Prophy ring

Bayonet Retractor

Orthodontic Instruments

Removable orthodontic appliance (Hawley retainer)

Fixed orthodontic appliances

Headgear and face bow

Elastic separators

Orthodontic band

Orthodontic bracket

Orthodontic archwire

Elastomeric modules


Patient relief wax (bee’s wax)

Separator placing pliers

Johnsons contouring pliers

Nylon band seater

Mershon band pusher

Posterior band remover

Bracket holder

Weingart pliers

Ligature tucker/ligature director

Mosquito artery forceps – straight

Mathieu ligature pliers

Coon’s ligature pliers

Distal end cutter

Ligature cutter

Triple beak pliers

Omega pliers

Nance pliers

Light wire pliers

Tweed pliers

How(e) pliers

Mitchells trimmer

Adams spring forming pliers

Adams universal pliers

Mauns heavy duty wire cutter

Cheek retractors

Intra-oral mirrors

Orthodontic bracket card

Instruments Used in Basic Restorative Procedures

Spoon excavators

Gingival margin trimmers

Enamel chisel

Enamel hatchet

Disposable applicators

Calcium hydroxide applicator

Mixing spatulas

Dispensing wells

Glass dappen dish

Disposable plastic dappen dishes

Plastic instrument

Amalgam carrier


Cleoid Discoid carver

Hollenback 31/2 carver

Hollenback Carver

Ball burnisher

Acorn burnisher

T-ball burnisher

Egg ball/football burnisher

Amalgam well

Amalgam capsule


Shade guide

Composite material

Composite gun

Halogen curing light

LED (light-emitting diode) curing light

Amber shield

Composite polishing/finishing strip

Miller’s articulating forceps

Articulating paper

Straight blunt scissors

Beebee crown scissors/shears


Composite Well

Mylar Strip

Rubber Points

White Stone

Polishing Discs

Matrix Bands and Matrix Retainers

Matrix material

Tofflemire matrix retainer

Sectional matrix

BiTineTM ring

Hawe Supermat Matrix® ( Auto matrix)

Wooden wedges

Plastic wedges

Light-reflecting wedges

Instruments Used in Endodontic Treatment

Root canal explorer

Barbed broaches

Gates Glidden drills

Peeso reamer drills

Endodontic K files. Also called: Root canal hand files

NiTi (Nickel titanium) rotary instruments

Disposable irrigating syringe and disposable needle

Lentulo spiral

Finger spreader

Endodontic plugger

Absorbent paper points

Gutta percha points

Endodontc ring

Endodontic block

Endodontic rulers

Apex locator

Electric pulp tester

Tooth slooth

Rubber Stops

Extraction Forceps

Bayonet extraction forceps

Upper right permanent molar extraction forceps

Upper left permanent molar extraction forceps

Upper root extraction forceps

Upper premolar extraction forceps

Upper straight extraction forceps/upper permanent incisor extraction forceps. Also called: upper permanent anterior extraction forceps

Lower premolar extraction forceps

Lower permanent molar extraction forceps

Lower root extraction forceps

Cowhorn extraction forceps

Lower deciduous anterior extraction forceps

Lower deciduous molar extraction forceps

Surgical Instruments

Towel clip

McKesson mouth prop

Mouth spreader/gag

Kilner cheek retractor

Austin retractor

Bowdler Henry rake retractor

Minnesota retractor

Howarths periosteal elevator

scalpel handle

Scalpel blade

Mitchell trimmer

Spoon curette/surgical curette

Curved surgical scissors

Straight surgical scissors

Bone rongeurs

Bone nibblers

Bone file

Metal autoclavable surgical suction tips

Plastic disposable surgical suction tip

Mosquito artery forceps


Mayo needle holder

Castroviejo needle holder

Toothed dissecting forceps/Tissue dissecting forceps

Suture needle and silk suture

Suture scissors

Disposable irrigating syringe and disposable needle

Nail brush

Kidney dish

Galley pot

Ochsenbein chisel

Implant kit

Blake’s gingivectomy knife handle

Messing gun

Gingivectomy knives

Oro-pharyngeal airway/Guedel airway

Pocket mask