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Ta Ante by Mind Map: Ta Ante
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Ta Ante

Creation Myth

The Ages

The Age of Tribes

The Age of Kingdoms

The Age of Sail

The Age of Reason

The Age of Steam

Gimble's Story, Characters, Berlin Molyneux, The First Molyneux, Gimble Wai, Matriarch of the Molyneux, Ilo Nanda, Themes

Escape from Archertown, Characters, Tommy (June), Grey, Ling, Themes

The Molyneuxs and the Wais

The Age of the Relay

Cait's Story (The Boat Story), Themes, Cait feeling like a failure, Bad parenting, Family, Characters, Cait Molyneux (Captain), Tre (First Mate), Xiphos Haari (Helm), Billy (Doctor), Nin Wah (Cait's Niece), Tobias Shaw (Hand), Burian Lake (Pirate), Jace (Burian's Firstmate), Frankie Zhang (Burian's Hand)

The New Archer Revolutionaries, Characters, Fink, Crash, Manni, Themes, Anti-consumerism, Government by the people, for the people, Freedom, Redefinition of Family, Rejection of Technology

The Fall of Ta Ante, Characters, Themes


Important Places









The Seven Tribes

The Lats, Nations of, Lat, New Douglas, Lat Tsa

The Ysans, Nations of, Yr, Yt

The Linians, Nations of, Lingguo

The Südländer, Nations of, Archertown, New Archertown

The Sandtribe, Nations of, Tribal Territory

The Oceaners, Nations of, Confederation of Ocean States, Anchorhead, Coupland, Go

The Lost Tribe, Nations of, Unknown to inhabitants of Ta Ante, Wreckage of the Zeitgeist

First nationers

They claim to have been living on Ta Ante for many thousdands of years longer than the othe people of the planet.  They claim this because it is true.  

Territory, Autonomous Area, Lat Tsa


Known territory, The Prime Meridian