Robbie Champagne

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Robbie Champagne by Mind Map: Robbie Champagne

1. No longer considering until next summer due to financial constraints and other priorities

2. Internships (Sophomore Year on)

2.1. Proctor & Gamble

2.1.1. Website

2.1.2. Guest speaker on Oct. 2

2.1.3. Recruiting freshman science majors

2.1.4. Steps 1. Application 2. Assessment 3. Initial Interview 4. Final Interview

2.2. Internships, Cooperative Education, and Externships Information (UF website)

2.3. Applying for several opportunities online

2.3.1. Proctor & Gamble

2.3.2. Chevron

2.3.3. GE

2.3.4. Disney

2.3.5. Shell

3. Leadership (Now on)

3.1. Florida Cicerones

3.1.1. Recruitment Website

3.1.2. Fall Forum: Oct. 30, 6pm, Emerson Alumni Hall

3.1.3. Spring Forum: Jan. 15, 6pm, Emerson Alumni Hall

3.1.4. Applications available after Spring Forum

3.1.5. Contact: Rupal Bhana [email protected]

3.2. Honors Ambassadors

3.2.1. Recruitment Website

3.2.2. First Recruitment Event: Oct. 18

3.2.3. Applications available Jan. 5

3.2.4. Contact: Johnny Efstathiades

3.2.5. Facebook/Twitter

3.3. Engineering Ambassadors

3.3.1. Recruitment Website

3.3.2. Info Session: Nov. 28, time and location TBD

3.3.3. Applications available Nov. 29

3.3.4. Contact: Erin Lewis

4. Volunteer Work

4.1. Center for Leadership and Service

4.2. Volunteer Organization Fair

4.2.1. Sept. 19, 10am to 2pm

4.2.2. Reitz Union Collonade

4.2.3. over 50 community service organizations/non profits in attendance

5. Study Abroad

5.1. University of New South Wales

5.1.1. Website

5.1.2. Engineering Exchange Program

5.1.3. 2/25/13 to 7/1/13

5.1.4. Application due Oct. 12

5.2. Study Abroad Fair

6. No longer considering until future notice due to other priorities

7. Research (Junior Year on)

7.1. With the Chemical Engineering Department

7.1.1. Tim Anderson Website Contact:[email protected]

7.1.2. Spyros Svornos Contact: [email protected]

7.1.3. Jennifer Sinclair Curtiis Contact: [email protected]

8. Mentors (Now on)

8.1. Faculty/Staff

8.1.1. Melissa Johnson: schedule appointments in her advising office in order to maintain a close relationship with her

8.1.2. Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department: go to office hours regularly in order to create and maintain a relationship with a professor in my field of study

8.2. Other Students

8.2.1. Johnny Efstathiades: get something to eat every now and then to catch up and get updates in all the activities he's involved in that I want to become involved in

8.2.2. Alina Ayoub: talk on the phone or grab something to eat often in order to know what classes to take and general advice from a sophomore in my major and from my high school

8.2.3. Mentor from AIChE: plan to acquire this next Fall once I join the club