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Identity by Mind Map: Identity

1. Sisters Graduation

1.1. Emotional Memories

1.1.1. Accommodation I would consider this a autobiographical memory. This was a life changing moment for me as I was finally given a role model to look up too. There is a collective memory instilled me that leads me back to remember this day.

2. Soccer

2.1. Procedural Memory

2.1.1. Effortful Encoding This sport took deep processing as I dedicated 16 years of my life to it.

3. Visiting El Salvador

3.1. Episodic Memory

3.1.1. I recall this matter as it contributed to a schema. I had a perspective on the US that we had a lot of problems, but it was incomparable to the struggles of third-world countries.

4. Church

4.1. Semantic Memory

4.1.1. I have been going to church since I was a newborn. Over time it has definitely embedded information and beliefs within myself.

5. Mental Health

5.1. Peak-End Rule

5.1.1. Interference When this experience came to my realization it influenced a schema as I had never invested time to this matter before.

6. Christmas

6.1. Early Memories

6.1.1. Reminiscence Bump Since I was a child I have always looked forward to Christmas. As early as I can remember it has always been significant as my entire family is able to get together this day.( I am very family centric)

6.2. Sensory Memory