Planning to teach navigation year 1-8 New Zealand

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Navigation by Mind Map: Navigation

1. Science

1.1. Astronomical systems • Share ideas and observations about the Sun and the Moon and their physical effects on the heat and light available to Earth.

1.1.1. Planets, stars, constellations, solar system, galaxy, milkyway, satellites, travel

1.2. make a compass with needle and magnets

2. Social Science

2.1. • Understand how the past is important to people. • Understand how places in New Zealand are signifi cant for individuals and groups

2.1.1. Kupe (a great navigator), Maui (fished up Aotearoa), Able Tasman (Dutch), Captain James Cook(English)

3. PE

3.1. Orienteering Basic Orienteering Skills Folding the map. Thumbing the map. Orientating the map to north (with ground or compass) Reading features on the map. Taking a compass bearing. Following a compass bearing. Pacing. Judging Distance

3.2. Games with directions, draw a chalk map, find the hidden treasure

4. Literacy

4.1. READING - Processes and strategies -uses sources of information (meaning, structure, visual and grapho-phonic information) and prior knowledge to make sense of a range of texts; – associates sounds with letter clusters as well as with individual letters;

4.1.1. How do boats find their way in the fog?How do boats find their way in the fog?

4.1.2. Tupaia assisted Able Tasman

4.2. WRITING Purposes and audiences • Recognise how to shape texts for a purpose and an audience. INDICATORS: – constructs texts that demonstrate some awareness of purpose and audience through appropriate choice of content, language, and text form;

4.2.1. write a set of directions to be followed, add details without using explicit language,

5. resources

5.1. Assessment Resource Banks | Assessment Resource Banks

5.2. Teaching resource: First Collisions

5.3. Maramataka: The Māori calendar learning resource

5.4. Activities, ideas, tools / Teaching resources / For teachers / EOTC home / EOTC - Education Outside The Classroom

5.5. Kupe


6. Math

6.1. Measurement • Order and compare objects or events by length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), turn (angle), temperature, and time by direct comparison and/or counting whole numbers of units

6.2. Mapping - co-ordinates, giving and following directions, language turns, right, left, (clockwise, anti clockwise) North, East, South, West

7. Technology

7.1. Make digital map, QR codes to direct/treasure hunt, using compasses,