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dogmatics by Mind Map: dogmatics
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The Dogmatics were a Boston, Massachusetts band, active in the 1980s. Peter, Paul, and Jerry met in the first grade at St. Matthew's Catholic school in Dorchester, Massachusetts. After eight years at St. Matthew's, each of their families moved from Dorchester to South Shore suburbs during while they were in high school. Paul started a band with lifelong friend T.K, singer Skag, guitarist Sam Babbitt, and drummer Joey Olsen. They called themselves the Savage Beasties. This band would be the starting point for future bands. T.K eventually moved to Boston on Thayer St., where he co-founded "Spearhead Go" along with Barry Hall, B.C Kagan and Joey Olsen. This accomplishment encouraged Paul to move to the Thayer St. loft along with his twin brother Pete. Paul, eager to pick up where the Beasties left off, enlisted his brother and longtime friend Jerry Lehane to start a band in Boston. Their good friend Dan Shannon played drums in this new band. The future Dogmatics would play their first...

systematic teaching


john damascus


confessions of faith.

the faith is not knowledge or system

theology of church

in worship

in baptism

anti heretic


ascetic & empirical

the truth is a person, Jesus not a theory.

try to connect with life.


the creeed

cannot separate the subjects , all together

the historical needs and problems for the dogmas

connect with the Eucharist and worshipp

relate with deep human questions



inside the church

life of the church


revelation of god is PERSONAL

the bible is not a bank of truth, Jesus is the truth, church is his body

highest revelation Jesus


the work of the holy spirit

not magical

guides us to Jesus

reveals the truth.

cleans the sins

brings union, community

love the highest. 2 cor 13:13

to see the church is better than paradise

the church and dogmas


has the head of eucharist (bishop)

unity of bishops

acception of people

the authority of dogmas

faithfulness to god

accepted of the community in eucharist

infallibility of the church, not individuals

ecumenical councils


hermeneia, ricquer

correct understanding

historical conditions


the personal life