Beyond the "Pattern of Heaven"

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Beyond the "Pattern of Heaven" by Mind Map: Beyond the "Pattern of Heaven"

1. Post1949 Trends *men and sons bound to natal home Marriage Law- allowed women to divorce *no more concubines Communist Party *eliminated family shrines and lineage 1979 -One child policy (second child policy if fitst child died or disabled) -families wanted boys, 110 males to 100 females - technology ultrasounds - females aborted - single children have become indulgent and demanding

2. Han Gender and Kinship *male lineage *Wolf - uterine lineage -emotional attachment -sons must remain loyal to mothers *Stafford - yang theory, care for both parents -transferred to daughter in law

3. Life Stages of Han Woman *From birth taught to humble *defer to men-fathers, husbands, sons *disadvantage, many killed *upon marriage, becomes property of husband *future spouse raised as sibling *divorced feared - bareness, bad conduct

4. The Han Chinese - Formed during Han Dynasty Factors unit this dynasty:Confucianism & Patrilineal Kinship

5. Confucianism *Open system *anyone who adopts doctrine *filial piety - children of both sexes honor father and mother equally *embeded sexism - men strive to be gentlemen; women strive to be good wives and mothers *group harmony

6. Patrilineal Kinship *cement male hegemony *women only noted as daughters, wives *not individuals *organized corporate lineages -varied from several 100 to 10,000 *Lineage through the fathers side * holders given a surname

7. Strict hierarchiacal relationships - majority of ethic group is Han *92% population Han * 8 % divided among 55 different groups

8. Alternative Models of Kinship *Dai -male and female lineage -men move to women home -after 3 years, may stay or set up own home - divorce, women move home and take child -parents become father of so and so *Lahu -gender equality -bilateral kinship -fathers help mothers in childbirth and all aspects *Mosuo -walking marriage -stay in matriline home, only go for sex