Mental Illness Stereotypes

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Mental Illness Stereotypes by Mind Map: Mental Illness Stereotypes

1. Strategies for reduction

1.1. High effect: contact

1.1.1. New n

1.2. Moderate effect: education

1.3. Low effect: protest

2. Maintenance during adulthood

2.1. Mass media

2.1.1. Handicapism

3. Formation during childhood

3.1. Influence of family, peers, teachers

3.1.1. Mass media

4. Reasons for existence

4.1. Dangerousness

4.1.1. Poor prognosis = strong stigma

4.2. Attribution of responsibility

4.2.1. Deviation from normal social interactions

5. Description of stereotypes

5.1. Comical figures

5.1.1. Poor character, low intelligence Lazy, dishonest, self-centered, oversexed

5.2. Violent, dangerous, unpredictable

5.2.1. Pathetic, naive, childlike No common sense, no willpower