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How to Get Your Product Out of Walmart & Target by Mind Map: How to Get Your Product Out of
Walmart & Target
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How to Get Your Product Out of Walmart & Target


Target wants new vendors to call their Sourcing Information Center at 612-696-7500. When you call they will direct people who want to sell a product to Target to send an email to . You will only get a response if the Target people like your product. So you need to be sure that you include all the information you can about your product, your sales success and also your ability to fund production. The email itself should show a picture of the product, in its package if you can. You only have a brief opportunity to make your point so you have to be direct. You can send in your item multiple times, but space the submittals at least six weeks apart.

Start with the category, for instance: New Electronic Product. Mention one or two items currently carried by Target that your product should be next to. For example: place next to digital cameras and camcorders. State where it has been sold. Just on one line, list only the biggest retailers, catalogs or Home Shopping Network. List the suggested retail price. Your contact information. A picture of the product in its package. Don’t make the picture too big, 2 x 2.5 inches is fine. They can enlarge the picture if needed.

Success Journal

I created the step plan and did it myself, I know how to do this, and it's been inside me the whole time. I can go do be have see know and experience whatever the heck I want because I have the time, energy, capacity and invention. God gave it to me, I can hear from Him, and building the prophet line is a good thing because there will be complete clarity in what and where to go getting actual direction and inquiring of the LORD.

Success Stories

The husband and wife combination Vanessa Troyer and Chris Farentinos came up with a simple idea, a lockable mailbox. The mailman could put the mail in, but you could only get the mail out with a key. Their two products’, the Oasis and the Oasis Jr., sales have Troyer and Farentinos’ company Architectural Mailboxes off and running in the marketplace and right into Target’s catalog and website. To date they have sold more than 150,000 of their locked letter drops, which retail for $97 to $258. Troyer and Farentinos developed their credentials by selling successfully through Amazon. Through a persistent effort she located the home address of Jeff Bezos, president of Amazon and sent him a presentation on how much money Amazon was losing because their packages were lost. The day after the presentation arrived Amazon called and today they carry over 50 of Architectural Mailboxes products. The Oasis locking mailbox is not just sold by Target, it is also sold by Home Depot, Costco and Lowes.


First Step

You have to believe in your product. You have to know its going to sell and people need it, with an undying passion and ability to keep asking persistentntly and thekey is finding viable numbers and calling them, creating the script once so that when you sbubmit it you have everything ready to go., I believe in my product and I have the pantent and I can get others to help me sell it, I can contact the guy on Fiverr again and ask that he help me sell it, The Process, National Program, Go to the web page: On the left side of the page and for Product Submission. There will be a link at the site for Wal-Mart’s online submission package. You are allowed to upload only 512 KB of data. So you might need to cut down your brochure image quality to keep under that limit. The online submission form doesn’t ask for your sales success but if you keep your brochure down in size you can include a jpeg of a page with your current sales success. Once you do this you need to wait for the buyer to contact you to request a sample or hopefully an appointment., Local Program, If you want to sell your product only in a limited market, Wal-Mart requires you to use their local buying program, where you need to convince one Wal-Mart manager to like your product, then you need to complete a local supplier questionnaire and have the District Manager approve the questionnaire. You can do this even if you hope to eventually sell to all Wal-Marts, but you just need to start with the local store manager., Strategy for Success, Have sales success, preferably in bigger stores. Be sure to show pictures of your product on the shelves of those stores. Attend trade shows, show your booth display. Obtain testimonials from satisfied users. Show PR you have generated in industry or consumer magazines. Create effective packaging. Be prepared to show that you can deliver large quantities, either with a D&B report, or with a detailed explanation of how you can fund deliveries., Sales Success, I was at Pricebusters and a women bought a standard for sale sign, I had the protoypes in my car and I asked if she wnated to see them as soon as sshe saw it she ran inside the store and returned it and thankfully ran off with the for salesign magnet., Pictures of Product on Shelves, Trade Shows, Testimonials from Satisfied Users, Fiverr, Mike, Public Relations in industry or consumer magazines, I wonder what consumer magazines I could place an ad in? What about doing it for the commercial spot in Hawaii?, Show I can deliver large quantities, I can do this with the Alibaba guys and print it out and put it in a binder presentation form, I can also include all of my D&B Stuff, Also show the funding I have behind it with my parents as doctors and the bank statement.

Third Step

Celebrate your victories, and journal with the success journal with the things that you did that you can further implement.

Second Step

After you identify the actual e-mails, numbers and places you need to set it, start with the highest first because that may take the longest, and trickle down the line, make a list of 100 companies that would take your product and start at #1 in the priority and work your way down the list, making at least 20 calls a day and sending them all the information using more skills and asking for feedback each time.

Feedback & Advice

Nope.. Sorry... Google Walmart buyers in linkedin.. join a walmart group on linked in .. that will help...

Get lots of mom and pops stores and smaller stores to do it because Walmart gets you down as low as you can go

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