Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Class Marker

1.1. Middle Class

1.1.1. State of Mind Not a member of Service Class

1.2. Domestic Workers

1.3. Dark skin

1.3.1. slavery dirty ugliness

1.4. low social standing

2. Struggle

2.1. Independence

2.2. Education vs Work and Earn Money

2.3. Multiple Jobs

2.3.1. 14 hours workday $6.,00 per day - $1.00 for transportation

2.4. Gay and Lesbians

3. Proverty

4. Carnival

4.1. Dress in all white/ Buy new underwear (white or pink)

4.2. Untroubled Fellowship

5. Enormous Strain on Relationship

6. Tradition

7. Inequality

7.1. Women - Low wages- domestic work

7.2. Hegemony - hides natural dominance of economic class of another

8. Brazil

9. Comfortable with another emotional pain

10. Laugh teasingly inspite of sadness

10.1. Black Humor - Use laghter to oppose official Brazilian, unable to revolt, fault

10.2. "Bad Taste" form a cultural and class - hard to measure or describe

11. Connect the present Image with the image from the past

12. Rio de Janerio

13. Laughter

14. Gloria - Poorest Family - Wealthy Friends

15. Upper class / Employer

15.1. Cherished & Appriciated Domestic Works

15.1.1. Delude Themselves

15.1.2. doing a good thing by offering employment

15.1.3. hiding their shame and guilt robbing another of a fuller equable life

16. Sexuality

16.1. Master/ Slave

16.2. Gender/Class/ Sexuality/Race

17. Color - Blind Erotic Democracies

17.1. dark skin

17.2. negative

17.3. light skin

17.3.1. positive

18. No Time for Childhood

18.1. Gloria's son Pedro

18.2. Family Value

18.2.1. Double Standards Gangs Survival /Justice Children are important / Lesser or restricted sentence Children are recruited to do the daily work of organized gangs. Children are drafted for illicit activities Vital role in household economy

18.2.2. Discipline Harsh physical punishment / Harsh words Transform the lives of street youth through hard work Ultimate goal is to keep children alive & out of prision

18.3. Differential Childdhood

18.3.1. Nurturing

18.3.2. Take on serious responsibilities at an early age

18.3.3. Nurtures the household / Bring resources to mother

18.3.4. Nurtured Coddled The child is king

18.4. City of Walls

18.4.1. Social Segreation Nuisances

19. State Terror, Gangs, Everyday Violence

19.1. Crime and Violence are different accoriding to class,

19.2. Gangs

19.3. Place of belonging

19.3.1. Sense of Identity Drug traffickers Protect favela from outsiders & intruders & bandits Bandits, Police - Police - Bandits Blue, Green and Brown Zones

19.4. Injustice of the System

19.4.1. Local gang provide parallel structure and alternative rule of law Local group is necessary