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Professions by Mind Map: Professions

1. a supermarket

2. He is a policeman.

2.1. Which traits of character has he got?

2.1.1. He is strong , brave and clever. He is siciable, too. He likes sport very much. He plays football very well. Are you gong to be a doctor? I don't know yet. May be I w;ll become a vet. I like animals very much.

3. Hello, Pete.

4. She is a doctor. She cures people when they are ill. And what is your Dad?

5. Hi Ann.

6. Hello, Pete. What is your mum?

7. Hi, Paul. What are you going to be?

8. I don't know yet. And you?

9. the most popular job

9.1. a designer

9.2. a tailor

9.3. a policeman

9.4. a businessman/a bisinesswoman

10. Notes

10.1. Уроки 49-61.Увлечения. Введение лексики по теме "Профессия. Планы на будущее". Расскажи о себе, Линда. Черты характера. Мой характер. Повторение: отрицательные префиксы un-im-, non- . Учимся брать интервью «Информация о себе». Моя семья. Женские и мужские профессии.Черты характера, необходимые для различных профессий. Опасные профессии.

10.2. Формирование коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся.

10.3. Обобщить и повторить материал, изученный ранее по теме; развивать фонетические навыки; умение действовать по образцу; личностные качества.

10.4. occupations/jobs;traits of character;places where people work; the indefinite article; words with the opposite meaning (friendly/unfriendly)

10.5. Listen and read. Listen and repeat. Arrange the words in pairs of opposites. Work in pairs/ groups. Guess the meaning of un-, in-, non-. Say the word which has the opposite meaning. Interwiew your classmates. Play the parts of correspondents from different newspapers and magazines.

10.6. Method of Evaluation ВЕДОМОСТЬ РЕЗУЛЬТАТОВ КОНТРОЛЬНОЙ (ИТОГОВОЙ) РАБОТЫ УЧАЩИХСЯ Школа_______________ Класс_________ Дата проведения _________________________201___г. Ответственный за проведение ___________________________________________________________

10.6.1. Результаты

11. Jobs typical for men and women

11.1. guide

11.1.1. sociable

11.1.2. curious

11.2. shop assistant

11.2.1. attentive

11.2.2. polite

11.3. teacher

11.3.1. kind

11.3.2. responsible

11.3.3. intelligent

12. Jobs, typical for women

12.1. librarian

12.2. nurse

12.3. housewife

13. Jobs, typical for men

13.1. fireman

13.2. businessman

13.3. pilot

14. a musiсian, a babysitter, a farmer, a vet, a cosmonaut, an engineer, a sailor, a doctor, a computer programmer, a tailor, a mechanic, a designer, a worker, a plumber, a bodyguard, a fireman, a lawyer, a secretary...

15. Where do people work?

15.1. a hospital

15.2. a school

15.3. a bank

15.4. an office

15.5. a company

15.6. a policestation

16. Бобаченко С.В. УМК М.З. Биболетовой "Enjoy English", 5 клаcc Unit 3 "Learning More About Each Other"

17. Match the pictures

17.1. Task

17.1.1. Check list check list jobs

18. Match the pictures

19. Match the pictures

20. Match the pictures

21. Match the pictures

22. Project Activity

22.1. What is your future job?

22.2. Talk about dangerous/ popular professions.How would you describe them?

22.3. Jobs of our parents.

22.4. Evaluation

22.4.1. selfevaluation Work in groups

23. What do people do? A tailor - makes trousers, suits and shirts A doctor – sees you when it hurts A farmer - has got cows, pigs and sheep A babysitter – minds the kids when they’re asleep Language teacher – teaches English, French and Greek A plumber – call him when you’ve got a leak A dentist – keeps your teeth both clean and white A fireman – comes when there’s a fire to fight People work in the town, in the country, day and night to make the world go round

24. Job What do they do? Where do they work? Bakers Bake bread. They work in a bakery. Dentists Looks after people's teeth. They work in a dentists. Doctors Look after people's health. They work in a hospital or surgery. Fishmongers Prepare and sell fish. They work in a fishmongers. Flight attendants Look after passengers. They work in an airplane. Hair dressers Cut and style people's hair. They work in a hair salon. Judges Judge and sentence people. They work in a law court. Lawyers Defend and prosecute people. They work in a law court and in a lawyers office. Nurses Look after patients . They work in a hospital or doctor's surgery. Opticians Look after people's eye sight. They work in an opticians. Sales Assistants Sell goods and look after customers. They work in a shop. Secretaries Arrange appointments, type letters and organise meetings. They work in an office. Surgeons Operate on people who are sick. They work in a hospital. Teachers Teach people. They work in a school. Vets Look after people's animals. They work in a veterinary surgery or vets. Waiters/Waitresses Serve people food and drink. They work in a restaurant.

25. professions and traits of character A person who is creative, imaginative, intellectually curious, appreciative of art and beauty can be a writer or an artist. An actor may be the person who comes up with original ideas, responsive to other people’s feelings, and be comfortable with unfamiliarity. Doctors and policemen are people who control their impulses, are always prepared, follow a schedule, do things in an orderly way, and are very responsible individuals. Firemen or soldiers are the persons who everyone can rely on to do the right thing, they are looked upon as bright and disciplined. Individuals who are cooperative, and try to get along with other people can be businessmen or businesswomen. They are hardworking and persistant. Guides are usually sociable, willing to lend a hand, supportive, non confrontational, and have a positive view of human nature. They tend to be empathetic towards others, and make people feel at ease. If you are anxious, fearful, easily disturbed, moody, and may experience one or multiple negative emotions you can’t be a stewardess. If you tend to see things as threatening, and minor irriations or disappointments as discouraging and difficult, you can’t be a teacher or a driver. They may not be clear headed because they are clouded by these emotions.

26. Let's act out the dialogue

27. I am going to be a pilot. I am persistant, clever, talented and hardworking. I think it will help me to be a good pilot. I also like travelling and know English well. I think that's the job for me.