Blade Runner and Frankenstein Theme

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Blade Runner and Frankenstein Theme by Mind Map: Blade Runner and Frankenstein Theme

1. Human Playing God

1.1. Frankenstein

1.1.1. Victor making the creature

1.2. Blade Runner

1.2.1. Humans helping create human like robots

1.2.2. Tyrell helping establish the foundation for Replicants

1.2.3. J.F helping the design of the

2. What Defines Human

2.1. Frankenstein

2.1.1. What is the creature considered?

2.1.2. If not a human what is he?

2.2. Blade Runner

2.2.1. The Replicants are every bit human but they were designed and built by actual human

2.2.2. Is Deckard a Human?

3. The Creatures/Replicants sparingness

3.1. Blade Runner

3.1.1. New node

3.1.2. Roy making sure that Deckard would not die and that he would remember him forever

3.2. Frankestein

3.2.1. Although he always threatens Victor he always strings him along just like how roy did it to Deckard in the final scene

4. Memories

4.1. Blade Runner

4.1.1. Implanted memories into the replicants mind

4.1.2. People can read the replicants memories/dream/mind thats how Deckard knew Rachael's memories

4.1.3. When Deckard had that dream about the Unicorn then Gaff left a origami unicorn on his doorstep

4.2. Frankenstein

4.2.1. The creature has a new mind, therfore he can pick up his predecessors skils