Bladerunner/Frankenstein Essay

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Bladerunner/Frankenstein Essay by Mind Map: Bladerunner/Frankenstein Essay

1. Facing mortality

1.1. Frankenstein

1.1.1. The creature slowly begins to kill off all of Victor's loved ones

1.2. Bladerunner

1.2.1. Replicants faced impending death

2. Finding out where you belong

2.1. Bladerunner

2.1.1. Replicants dont know their place in society, they feel as if they are - and arent human

2.2. Frankenstein

2.2.1. Frankenstein has a sense of solidarity - he's isolated constantly and shunned from society due to his heinous appearance

3. Defining what it means to be human

3.1. Bladerunner

3.1.1. "Commerce is our goal....more human than human is our motto"

3.1.2. Replicants consider themselves as human Even go as far as getting jobs (exotic dancer) Rachel believes she is completely human Photographs are extremely important so that they can obtain human memories

3.2. Frankenstein

3.2.1. The Creature considers himself as human, however, Victor doesnt

3.2.2. Creature has feelings/emotions/conscience

4. There are things that mankind was not meant to do

4.1. Bladerunner

4.1.1. Tyrell corporation shouldn't have created the replicants - they ended up being illegal, dangerous, and capable of mutiny.

4.2. Frankenstein

4.2.1. Victor Frankenstein creates a monster by reanimating dead tissue - and with this, wreaks havoc on himself and his loved ones.