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Infection control by Mind Map: Infection control
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Infection control

chain of infections

1- pathogen

2- reservoir

3- portal of exit

4- mode of transmission

5- portal of entry

6- susceptible host

precaution levels

Standard precautions

applied to blood products applied to all patients and all contaminated equipments

1- hand hygiene, hand washing, alcohol-based hand rub

2- use personal protective equipment

3- discard needles and other sharps correctly

4- cleaning spills

Transmission based precautions

means of transmission, common vehicle, food, blood, vector born, airborn, droplet nuclei < 5, respirator mask or N95, negative pressure room, patient wears a surgical mask, droplet nuclei > 5, private room, surgical mask if within 1 meter from the patient, contact, private room, hand washing, glove changes