Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison

1. Creator

1.1. Frankenstein

1.1.1. created the Creature Turned Violent

1.2. Tyrell Corporation

1.2.1. Created the Replicants

2. Themes

2.1. Only God has the power to create life

2.1.1. In both, creators are punished for "stealing" the secret of life.

3. Problems with Cretion

3.1. Turn Violent

3.1.1. Realize at the end that violence is bad

3.2. Doesn't know exactly how to behave in society

3.2.1. Frankensteins appearance throws peopel off

3.2.2. The replicants actions and superhuman power gives them away and makes them disliked

4. Links to Humanity

4.1. Books for Frankenstein

4.1.1. Only thing he treasured

4.2. Pictures for the Replicants

5. Comparisons - Characters

5.1. Deckard and Walton

5.1.1. Both end up seing the creatinos at the end, and are observers of events that happen.

5.2. Roy and The Creature

5.2.1. At the end they both realize violence is pointless and not accepted in society

5.2.2. They kill a lot of people Violent

5.2.3. New node