Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparison

1. Pointlessness of Violence

2. Creation

3. Creature

3.1. Kind and caring at first, becomes violent towards the end, realizes killing is pointless

4. Tyrell Corporation

4.1. Made Replicants

5. Frankenstein

5.1. Made Creature

6. Deckard

6.1. Oversees what happens to Replicants-interferes, kills them, understands Roy towards the end

7. Roy

7.1. Violent in the beginning, shows emotion towards the end, realizing that killing is pointless

8. Images

8.1. Pictures

8.1.1. Important to the Replicants-Treasured them-learned form them

8.2. Books

8.2.1. Treasured by Creature- Creature learned English from them, able to understand humans more

9. Walton

9.1. Oversees the story, FInds Creature, doesn't interfere as much, understands the Creature towards the end