Buyer stuck with 250,000 pipecleaners

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Buyer stuck with 250,000 pipecleaners by Mind Map: Buyer stuck with 250,000 pipecleaners

1. What about time of year? Christmas / Easter / Halloween trends in gifts, interior ornaments, team with magazines / stylists

2. contact local schools. Sell small amount to different consumers

2.1. Any local community projects?

3. look for similar businesses to the original wholesaler, there must be more than one in the same market

3.1. New node

3.2. Art supplies stores

3.2.1. Who where the wholesaler customers go direct

4. get customer list from wholesaler

5. Can he return to the seller?

6. futures contract:

6.1. Consider cash flow

6.2. New node

7. Get list of other wholesalers from UK supplier

8. Need storage/ warehousing if keep stock

8.1. Use shipping container to house stock

8.1.1. New node

8.2. Negotiate with other local businesses to rent temporary storage

9. Has UK supplier been paid?

10. List all the possible uses of pipe cleaners and from that discover as many potential markets as possible.

10.1. Consider pipe cleaners for play and crafts. How many things can they make? Who might they appeal to and why?

10.1.1. Promote the idea of pipe cleaners for play and craft to local people Post You tube videos to promote these ideas How much fun can be generated by a handful of coloured pipe cleaners?

10.1.2. Give pipe cleaners to children and students and see what they can make with them. Is there scope for a new trend? Yes remember when kids in the 80's put crisp bags under the grill and put pins in get kids to use them to be different. Fluffy shoe laces or jewellery. Competitions: the most creative use of pipe cleaners and use these as marketing and promotional opportunities

10.2. Who else uses pipe cleaners and what for?

10.2.1. Pipe smokers for cleaning pipes

10.2.2. Difficult to reach cleaning products.

10.2.3. Team with sellable trends - create ipad / iPhone covers

10.3. Packaging& Branding

10.4. What is the local demographic, population, social interests in Tejeda?

11. Get las palmas famous artist to sculpture (like wicker man) out of pipe cleaners do deal with las palmas town council to buy it for the harbour.

12. How quickly must he sell them on? And how much can he afford to lose?

12.1. Does he have the time, means and resources to turn this stock into an opportunity to make a greater profit?

12.2. Or is it better to sell the pipe cleaners cheaply and cut his losses? The cost of storage and distribution would add to his losses if he keeps them.

13. Set up eBay shop selling art supplies - post worldwide

13.1. Can discount just to get cost back or make profit.

14. Offer señor ortavia loan to rebuild his premises or offer to run his business out of temporary storage - shipping containers until rebuilt by insurance cover.

14.1. Employ Ortavia to sell stock

14.2. Does Senor Ortavia have insurance?

15. Who were Senor Ortavia's customers and the type of wholesale company?

16. Reason behind the fire?

16.1. Is it suspicious? Could it have been an insurance scam?

16.2. Did he have any other orders due it?

17. New node

18. Get goodwill ambassadors to promote the products to merchants (sam adetona)

18.1. Use placards to exhibit outside the shop with a small token

19. Team up with tobacco company and set up offer