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IOD Digital Jersey by Mind Map: IOD Digital Jersey
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IOD Digital Jersey


The development of Digital Jersey is a lot of things. What it is not is a huge, hyped opportunity for us to be the biggest and best ICT centre in the world. Why would we even want that? We aren’t Silicon Valley and we never will be. We simply don’t have enough people with the right skills and no amount of effort, even if we set up a ‘Google-esque’ university campus with primary-colored beanbags, is going to make us a Digital City. Even ignoring the impracticalities of this aim, this is not the right style for Jersey. We are a small, beautifully formed and located, financially and legally expert island with a great tax rate. We don’t need big ideas; we need good ideas. What Digital Jersey could and should be, is a sensible, targeted strategy for us to build a sustainable, economically beneficial industry. To do this, we need money (more than is currently allocated), spent on skills and education, outsourced research and advice, and very targeted marketing that is scaled and focused appropriately. Instead of being the centre that takes high risks to create new digital businesses, we should use our existing skills to be the place that digital businesses move to once they start making money, after they have been incubated. In the same way we have been picky about the banks that we allow to set up in Jersey, we need to be careful to maintain the standards of quality that have held us in good stead. We are an attractive destination and we must continue to attract, choose and develop winners, without high footprints or the requirement for hundreds of graduates. The recession has made everyone nervous, but this is not the time to panic or become uncharacteristically risk taking we don’t need evangelists, we need pragmatists. We need to be innovative and smart, but understand we are never going to be like Silicon Valley or Cambridge, but something different, something new. Mark Loane founded C5 Alliance in 1999, a company that now provides the most experienced, skilled and qualified IT consultants in the Channel Islands, delivering advanced business solutions. As the CEO of C5 Alliance, Mark has overseen the fulfilment of numerous system migration projects which have included the supply of strategic and technological direction, software development and business process re-engineering. He has also provided strategic guidance for the provision of ICT to local government and a range of organisations within the offshore Financial Services and Legal sectors. Born in Jersey, Mark has worked in the IT Industry for over 25 years. He is passionate about the IT Industry and has made a significant impact in attracting, nurturing and retaining emerging technical talent locally, giving C5 and other Island companies a qualified and experienced resource pool to draw from in future.  

Digital Jersey Why

Employment & diversification are key

everything is digital

500 new jobs in 18months.

It's real… Gigabyte/DJL

Lessons from the passed mistake in 1999


1500 staff have Digital professions

560 people work in Jersey’s IT sector (only 80 are female)

200 companies

10 companies

480 are managers or professionals (IT, marketing, HR, etc)

28,000 regular use IT

GVA of 25 million (compare that Malta) 0.7% of Jersey's economy

50% of IT staff Jersey born

the finance industry

Jersey needs to

be realistic

plan for the long term

leveraged geographical location

find the right space in the spectrum

exploit when you have no first

unique resources of Jersey and it's population

avoid competition

Understand our Lack of natural resources

Build on spillover digital ideas

Rebalance government spending towards innovation:

Collective intelligence

Measurement, data and standards:

Public and social innovation

Infrastructure investment

Create the next generation of digital makers,

giving all teenagers the chance to make, code, design and program.

Remove barriers to entrepreneurship:

Financial architecture:

Targeting marketing

being producers as well as consumers.


Bring the innovation here, have the support for growth, 10% innovation 90% execution

Focus on quality

We need to remember that we are a small island accommodating just 100,000 people, only needing a relatively small proportion of the worldwide e-commerce business (which is expected to equate to $16 Trillion in 2013) to do very well and provide significant jobs.


Jersey shouldn"t be trying to compete with, or be a tech hub; it should be partnering with tech hubs and providing a ‘next stop’ for the for smaller companies just at the point when there starting to succeed and are looking for a good place to host their innovations, and when they are looking for finance, legal, IP and Tax support.

We have

In Jersey we are lucky, we are not striving to build an ICT sector from nothing, our Finance Industry has provided an ideal foundation to build on. We already have a high quality work force, good infrastructure, a sound legal system and tax base.

Finance industry

Legal system

Digital Jersey Body

Transport links

A Safe haven

Tax base

Gigabit Jersey

IP legislation

Example Ideas/products/opportunity

Finance Inovation

household survey

big data

Selling information/data



3-D printing


Jersey lab/community lab

Internet of Things


Intellectual property rights


Infrastructure and hosting

E-money/virtual currencies


Video streaming

Diplomatic data immunity

FATCA solutions/regualtury solution (risktracker)

Digital Jersey Opportunity Catalogue


Giga bit jersey

If we combine a fibre network with our existing legal, tax structure and workforce, and add to this an independent ICT representative, strategic promotional body – now we are talking. Combined with some targeted government grants, ICT tax incentives and a clear focus on education and skills and we will have an environment that will literally revolutionise the way we do business forever and benefit our whole community.

off-island connectivity

walled garden

Everyone access

Fast schools connections

Vid conference HD

Digital Jersey Ltd.

At the Microsoft Partner Conference in Washington last year, I saw a number of other jurisdictions already representing themselves as an ICT location, from Singapore to Malta. Interestingly, these were locations that also compete on the basis of tax and financial expertise. It is clear that the combination of our tax regime, expertise, legislation and lifestyle are all part of what will make us attractive.

What is it

Paul Masterton


global networks



comprehensive piece of research

Skills jersey work

Remember some of the stat's

based decisions on good metrics

market analysis

research best practices



Digital Jersey’s major focus should be on getting some clear, independent research. A similar industry body Jersey Finance Limited , instigated an in-depth strategic review of the Jersey Finance Industry in partnership with the London Business School. Likewise, Digital Jersey should undertake the work necessary to establish what we should be selling, to where, to whom, and what resources we will need to develop to enable us to do this

Jersey Should not

We already have a high quality work force, good infrastructure, sound legal system and tax base, plus a world-class finance sector. It should more be a case of not merely copying other jurisdictions, but understanding the base point from which they grew whilst learning from the mistakes made during their development.  Again using Malta as an example, while they have attracted businesses like Microsoft and Oracle, in Jersey we should probably aim for smaller innovative start-up companies, perhaps just at the point when there starting to succeed and are looking for a good place to host there innovations, and when they are looking for finance, legal, IP and Tax support.  



Digital City

Silicon valley

Technology park


IT hubs

IT Startups (trying to do the next big app)

Only 1 in 10

We cannot afford to have only 1 in 10 digital start-ups succeeding with 9 failing because with the islands limited resources it will not be cheap or quick as we do not have the young people to do that.  Let that sort of ground root innovation/R&D be done at one of the many tech hubs somewhere else, let them take the risks, and not delude ourselves with the idea that we could build technology hubs with the likes of Nokia & Google here in Jersey.   “Economists refer to the ‘spillovers’ from innovation, a recognition of the fact that many innovators reap no returns at all from the time and money they invest in innovation, and even successful ones often create much more value for their competitors, customers and unrelated businesses than for themselves.”  We need to give good strong support to start-up local businesses who are developing spillover digital ideas to into practical value in the world: new products, services, or ways of doing things all connected to skilled we already have on the island Legal, Finance etc.  We must be focused and invested our limited resources in strong, well-considered digital business ideas. We also need to encourage second stage digital businesses to the island who are past the start-up stage.  Jersey needs to do something different, something new, not try to copy, but learn and connect.  


using technology the government service model innovation


supporting local innovation

open data

prizes for innovation

should be developing service models



not digital using but digital making

learning anywhere home school clubs

Harnessing digital technology to reinvent learning

teacher training



point is not the devices but

connection to business



Adult schemes

Paid degrees

In Schools


We need to spend the money on education to give us innovators and entripiners, research and advise, targeted marketing, the right sort of businesses for the island, scaled and focused approperaly. The pertruy dish intice, them over here, market, focus do not expect to become mini silicon valiers, cambricheds etc, steping up to fail, distracing, and wrong. Google and campus incubators angle investors or government hand-outs.

Skills Jersey



with 16 replies. How can the report draw any reasonable conclusions?



Advance to Work Scheme

Quality work force

research paper (5 for 1)


Guernsey's Silicon Island

Alex Taylor




360 approach



Malta statistics


Establish a culture and community of mentorship.

Create digital society

E-Government strategy

Create awareness

digital population.

IT illiterate

Jersey is currently facing a shortage of digital skills, and urgently needs to develop individuals that are highly digitally literate, innovative and entrepreneurial. The industry needs to seize what is a very exciting opportunity for us all to be a part of right from the start, and the work of Digital Jersey will represent a huge step forward towards this.

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