Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner

1. God role

1.1. Creator vs. Creation

1.1.1. Creations Republicants Roy Pris Leon Zora Frankenstein

1.1.2. Creator Tyrell/Sebastian Victor

1.1.3. Responsibility issues Creator not responsible Frankenstein Blade Runner

2. Time develops character

2.1. Short time of creature existence

2.1.1. Have not developed emotions

2.1.2. Requires education

2.1.3. Emotions can take over their actions

2.1.4. Frankenstein Learn from experiences Eat cooked berries Touch fire Watch the family in the house Conditioned by society People call him ugly No love or kindness

2.1.5. Blade Runner Replicants still childish Roy playing hide and seek Primitive behavior Emotions not conditioned Replicants' minds are more fragile Emotions fluctuate like a teenager Plays with humans' lives

3. Technology creates Monstrosity

3.1. Frankenstein

3.1.1. Victor creates monster with technology

3.1.2. Monster kills off family and friends

3.1.3. Kills Elizabeth

3.1.4. Victor refuses to make another monster, angry creature slaughters friends

3.2. Blade Runner

3.2.1. Replicants created

3.2.2. Cause loss of lives of others

3.2.3. Bloody mutiny as stated in beginning

3.2.4. Kills creators: Tyrell and Sebastian

4. Needs can't always be satisfied

4.1. Frankenstein

4.1.1. Creature Needs nurturing and care Master ditches him Needs female companion Master refuses

4.2. Blade Runner

4.2.1. Roy Needs longer life span Nothing can be done Needs to stop living life in fear Nothing can be done