Frankenstein v.s. Blade Runner

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Frankenstein v.s. Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein v.s. Blade Runner

1. New node

2. Artificial life

2.1. Replicants

2.1.1. Evil Pris Resented humans Roy Batty Resented Humans Wanted more life Killed creator Leon Kowalski Resented humans

2.1.2. Good Rachael Had implanted memories Was the only replicant who stayed with creator Only one who was unaware that she was different

2.2. The Monster

2.2.1. Abandoned by creator

2.2.2. Forced to learn the very basics of life alone

2.2.3. His differences made him hated by others around him

2.2.4. His only way of good was evil

3. Creators

3.1. Frankentsein

3.1.1. "The Modern Prometheus", as the tittle suggests

3.1.2. Used the body parts of already dead humans

3.2. Eldon Tyrell

3.2.1. His first creation was successful unlike Frankenstein's

3.2.2. Made more than one creation

3.2.3. Used bioengineering with his creations

4. Similarities

4.1. Artificial life

4.1.1. Newborn child

4.2. Creator abandones Creatrion

4.3. Values of Nature/Life over Science/Reason

5. Blade Runner plays upon Frankenstein

5.1. Replicants had each other

5.2. The Monster's appears was different from humans unlike the replicants

6. New node