Frankenstein Ideas

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Frankenstein Ideas by Mind Map: Frankenstein Ideas

1. Human or not?

1.1. sympathetic nature

1.1.1. Roy At the end, Roy dies in a way that makes us feel sad for him despite all the violence

1.1.2. Frankenstein When the creature cries over the body of Frankenstein, we realize how lonely the creature was, despite its devilish acts

2. Nature vs Nurture

2.1. Creature born innocent, society prejudice turned him devilish like

2.2. Replicants turned violent because they found out they had limited life spans and it was all because of the humans

3. Creation vs. Creator

3.1. creature created by Frankenstein

3.1.1. Frankenstein and the creature fights to death; creature seeks revenge on Frankenstein

3.2. Replicants "replicated" by humans- are technically robots

3.2.1. Replicants fight their creator, humans, for extended life span

3.2.2. Roy kills Tyrell, for revenge