How to Evaluate Websites

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How to Evaluate Websites by Mind Map: How to Evaluate Websites

1. Digital litearcy

1.1. This teaches us digital literacy because it teaches us how to become a smarter and safer citizen online.

2. You use A.S.P.E.C.T

2.1. A- Authority

2.1.1. Who wrote it?

2.2. S-Sourses

2.2.1. Where did it come from?

2.3. P-Purpose

2.3.1. Why did they write it?

2.4. E-Evenness

2.4.1. Is info well rounded?

2.5. C-Coverage

2.5.1. Does it have everything that you need to know?

2.6. T-Timeliness

2.6.1. Is it up today?

3. Why should we use website evaluation?

3.1. Evaluating websites is because it helps us to be aware of which websites have good information, and which are just a hoax websites. Anyone can put anything on the internet!

4. What To See In A Website

4.1. Accuracy: Sources, when it was created

4.1.1. Authority: who`s the author, identified Bias: Is the information opinionated, is it facts