How to Evaluate Websites

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How to Evaluate Websites by Mind Map: How to Evaluate Websites

1. Digital litearcy

1.1.[email protected]/3921069882 This teaches us digital literacy because it teaches us how to become a smarter and safer citizen online.

2.[email protected] You use A.S.P.E.C.T

2.1. A- Authority

2.1.1. Who wrote it?

2.2. S-Sourses

2.2.1. Where did it come from?

2.3. P-Purpose

2.3.1. Why did they write it?

2.4. E-Evenness

2.4.1. Is info well rounded?

2.5. C-Coverage

2.5.1. Does it have everything that you need to know?

2.6. T-Timeliness

2.6.1. Is it up today?

3. Why should we use website evaluation?

3.1.[email protected]/6591966549 Evaluating websites is because it helps us to be aware of which websites have good information, and which are just a hoax websites. Anyone can put anything on the internet!

4.[email protected]/2462966749 What To See In A Website

4.1. Accuracy: Sources, when it was created

4.1.1. Authority: who`s the author, identified Bias: Is the information opinionated, is it facts