Historia de la Fotografía.

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Historia de la Fotografía. by Mind Map: Historia de la Fotografía.

1. evolution of camera and photography.

2. Chinese Philosopher Mo Di & Greek Euclid Mathematicians. Definedthr Principles of Optics 400-500 BC

3. Aristotle Questions? why the sun could make a circular image when it shined through a Square hole? This research affirmed that in future, all lenses will be made. Circle sharped. 300 BC

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4.1. i am camera obscura. Makes a gigantic study on optics and invents the first pinhole camera. " I explained why the images were upside Down Domu" 1000 AD.

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5.1. Young Scientists. (Sir) Isaac Newton Discovers The Compasition of light based on color. 1665.

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6.1. JOHANN HEINRICH SCHULZE. duscoverredd that ssilver nitrate gets dark when it is exposed to light. the pphotochemical effect becomes the breakthoough in the marking of film reel, the photo was directly printed on paper. 1727

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7.1. Speaker Name, Image, and 1769 French Author tiphaigne de la Roche. described what can be interpreted as photography, in this fiction book giphantie.

7.1.1. 1814 The firs phhptography is captured using camera-obsucra by Jo seph Niecepce big achivement but the image required EIGHT HOURS OF LIGHT EXPOSURE. BEFORE NIEPCE, CAMERA WAS USED FOR CREATING MAPS AND DRAFS. FIST PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPH.

7.2. 1837Louis Daguerres. invent a type of photgrapy, Danguerreotupe it capture first image did not fade, and neede Only 30 minutes of ligt exposure. THE EVOLUTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY NOW TURNS A REVOLUTION.

7.2.1. 1849 Alexander Wolcott becomes the FIRST man to be issued a patent with photography.

7.3. 1841 William Talbot. Negative to positives. english inventor patents calotpe process. the first negative- positive process makes it possible to make multiple copies of a photo

7.3.1. 1843 First advertisement with a photograph made in philadelphia.

7.4. 1844 Panorama camera. Friedrich Von Martes makes the first successful panoramic camera, the megaskop.

7.4.1. 1851 Collodion Process. 1855James clek Maxell Physucist (RGB). 1861 1st color photograph in taken. 1865First Legislation photo and negative are added to copyrighted materials category. 1871 Richard Leach Maddox invents the gelatin dry plate silver bromide process. 1888Eastman patents kidak roll- film camera.1900 the brownie first mejarly marked commercial consumer camera hits the market. 1927 Moden flash bulb is invented by general electric (flash bulb). 1948 palarois camera. 1960eg& g makes as extreme depth underwater camera for united states navy. 1968photograph of planet earth from moon. 1978 to 1991 autoficus camera, electrinic still camera. digital single lens reflex camera. 2011 Gigapixel camera.