Sports and Games

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Sports and Games by Mind Map: Sports and Games

1. Why do we need sport?

1.1. Check out



2. What are your favourite sportsmen or women?

3. Project Work

3.1. form a team

3.1.1. choose a theme of the project planning, analyzing the selected problem the organisation of research informative activity

3.2. to learn to defend their point of view and to make their own decision in an understanding way in a class

3.2.1. It is directed to develop child’s active independent thinking and to teach him to remember and reproduce knowledge which are given to him by school, and to be able to put them into practice.

3.3. Teamwork of the group of pupils

4. various organizational forms: individually, in pairs, in small groups and the whole class

4.1. Greeting

4.1.1. Lexical drill Reading Listening

4.2. Your home assignment will be to write a short composition: “How to make people be interested in active sport?”

5. What is your favourite sport?

5.1. Tell the class about your favourite sport.

5.2. Get started now!

5.3. ... and some great ideas too!

6. Popular British Sports and Games

6.1. basketball

6.2. football

6.2.1. national teams

6.2.2. football matches

6.2.3. football clubs

6.2.4. the Cup final

6.2.5. favourite footballers

6.3. tennis

6.4. boating

7. Do you go in for sport?

7.1. Check

8. Extreme Sports

8.1. Why do people go in for extreme sports?