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Rwandan Genocide by Mind Map: Rwandan Genocide
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Rwandan Genocide

Elite & Powerful

Ethnic Hatred used to unite the majority of population

Increasingly Militarised (increase from 5000 to 40000)

Frequent Massacres of Tutsi (since the Civil war)

Haybyarimana & Akazu power was threatened by factors

Ecological Resource Scarcity

Large Population (most populated African country)

Economic Crises

Highest Growth Rate in Africa

Culture & History

King Rwabugiri (1860-1895) favoured Tutsi

German Colonisation (1899-1916) favoured Tutsi

Belgian Trusteeship (1916-1961) favoured Tutsi

Hutu Revolution (1959-1961)

Ordinary Civilians

In-Group Bias

Confirmation Bias