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Rwandan Genocide by Mind Map: Rwandan Genocide
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Rwandan Genocide

Elite & Powerful

Ethnic Hatred used to unite the majority of population


Extremist Political Parties Created - preached hatred & violence

Extension of RPF threat to all Tutsi, Staged Shootings

Increasingly Militarised (increase from 5000 to 40000)

Frequent Massacres of Tutsi (since the Civil war)

Haybyarimana & Akazu power was threatened by factors

Rural Protest

Economic Crisis

Structural Adjustment

Internal Political Discontent

RPF Invasion

International Pressure

Ecological Resource Scarcity

Large Population (most populated African country)

Economic Crises

Agricultural Crisis, Effects from Civil War (1991 onwards), Plant Disease (1988), Drought (1884), Excessive Rain (1987)

Drop in International coffee and tea prices

Increase of Government to the Civil War effort (38% of budget in 1992)

Highest Growth Rate in Africa

Culture & History

King Rwabugiri (1860-1895) favoured Tutsi

German Colonisation (1899-1916) favoured Tutsi

Belgian Trusteeship (1916-1961) favoured Tutsi

Increased Ethnic Identity by issuing ID cards

Hutu Revolution (1959-1961)

Thousands of Tutsi went into exile

Series of mass killings (1964-1994)

Ordinary Civilians

In-Group Bias


Use Out-Group as Scapegoat

Confirmation Bias

Staged Shootings