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L&CS 122 - Environmental Responsibility in Global Community by Mind Map: L&CS 122 - Environmental Responsibility in Global Community
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L&CS 122 - Environmental Responsibility in Global Community

Development, Race & Class

Blackwell Companion to Law & Society

Environmental Justice Net


Food industry


Land Use-wilderness, urban,tourism

RFF Report - Environmental Implications of the Tourism Industry


Alternative energy: defined

Alternative energy books

U.S. Energy Information

Extractive Industries/ Conflict


Toxics-Waste, air, water, labor

Toxic waste and environmental policy

EPA toxics

CBE (Oakland)

UN Environmental

Climate change

Ency. of Global Warming

Good book!  

EPA on Climate


Climate Progress (science/policy blog)


Love Canal revisited

Basel Action Network

GAO Report on e-Waste


books on wildlife conservation

World Wildlife Fund

Sustainability [W]


Rocky Mtn Institute

Community Env. Legal Defense

Everyday Greening

books on Greening

EPA Green Building

SF Institute

Teaching green

Definitions & Orientation


Environment & Conservation Dictionaries

Scientific concepts

Ency. of Pollution & Cleanup

333.72 M576  

McGraw Hill Ency. of Science

Geographic & Numerical Data

World Resources Institute

EPA Region 9

Statistical Record of Environment

Atlas of Global Development

World Resources

Ref 333.7 W893 World Resources Institute 2008

Environmental Protection Indicators for California

Ref 333.72 C128e California EPA 2002

World Development Indicators

Ref 330.9 W893 World Bank 2008

US Minerals Mgt

U of Michigan Environmental Statistics

Laws and Policies


Use Lexis for law review articles U.S. law U.S. state law (e.g. California) or foreign law as appropriate.


search e.g.: (global warming) OR (climate change) AND law* OR polic*  

CQ Researcher

Current Events & News


Use Nexis (news): international National Local or specific news sources

Academic OneFile