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Mobile Advertising by Mind Map: Mobile Advertising

1. Devices

1.1. Market Share

1.1.1. Vendor Market Share 2011

1.1.2. Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers 2011

1.1.3. Smartphone OS Market Share 2011 Android 49% iOS 19% Symbian 16% Blackberry 11% Windows Phone ?

1.2. Display Resolutions

1.2.1. Smartphones iOS iPhone 4 & 4S 640x960 iPhone 5 640x1136 Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Galaxy S III 720x1280 Samsung Galaxy Note 800x1280 Samsung Galaxy S II 480x800 HTC One X & EVO LTE 720x1280 HTC One S 540x960 Motorola RAZR MAXX 540x960 Symbian Phasing out Blackberry 10 Dev alpha 1280x768 Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 900 800x480 Nokia Lumia 920 1280x768

1.2.2. Tablets iOS iPad2 1024x768 iPad3 2048x1536 Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 600x1024 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 800x1280 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 800x1280 Sony Xperia Tablet S 800x1280 Kindle Fire HD 800x1280 Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 1920x1200 Google Nexus 7 800x1280

1.2.3. Spreadsheet summary

2. Mobile Ad Networks

2.1. Blind Networks

2.2. Premium Blind Networks

2.3. Premium Networks

2.4. Local Ad Networks

2.5. Affiliate and CPA Networks

3. Publishing Formats

3.1. Text messaging

3.1.1. SMS 7-bit 160 characters 8-bit 140 characters/bytes 16-bit 70 characters (Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Cyrillic alphabet languages) Content: plain text

3.1.2. Push Notifications iOS 6 Apple Push Notification Service e.g. Notifications on steroids app Limitations: one way communication only Types of notifications Android 4 Google Cloud Messaging Windows Phone 8 Lockscreen tiled notifications Microsoft Push Notifications Service Types of notifications Good practices PushWoosh (freemium) Apoxee (freemium) examples Pusher JS library ConnectAI Parse Push xtify (freemium) Common Push Notification Service

3.2. Multimedia messaging

3.2.1. 3GPP MMS Content: formatted text + images (JPG, GIF, PNG) + audio (AMR, MIDI, MP4 AAC LC) + video (MP4 H.264 AVC) + vector graphics (SVG Tiny 1.2) + media sync (SMIL 2.0)

3.3. Display ads

3.3.1. Static banners Standardized ad sizes e.g. Google banner ads Format: JPG, GIF, PNG

3.3.2. Expandable ad e.g. Google "Lightbox" display ad

3.3.3. Coupons Apple Passbook compatible Android PassWallet Building your first pass More apps joining the passbook club Limitations: no rich media, just images location-based notifications updates Google Wallet compatible Windows Phone 8 Wallet Hub compatible Multi-user broadcast General offer for non VIP customers One same coupon code for many Short period of validity Can be published on pinterest-style coupon portal Sharable on social media Single user or group target VIP client Different coupon code for each client Longer period of validity

3.3.4. Rich media Static rich media (looped content) Interactive rich media Click-to-web App-within-an-app Click-to-call Click-to-text Click-to-video Click-to-gallery Click-to-download Interstitial ads e.g. Flip interstitial e.g. Image gallery template e.g. Medialets Format: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SVG

3.3.5. Delivery In mobile apps On the mobile web

3.3.6. IAB Display advertising guidelines

3.4. Search ads

3.4.1. Google AdSense

3.4.2. cost-per-click

3.5. Video ads

3.5.1. Format: MP4 H.264 AVC

3.6. Fixed size

3.6.1. common denominator: smallest device supported

3.7. Responsive design

3.7.1. Resize images & videos Aspect Ratio

3.7.2. Scale vector components SVG animations

4. Publishing Standards

4.1. MMA

4.2. MRAID

4.3. ORMMA

4.3.1. JavaScript API for ad creators

4.3.2. blog

4.4. VAST (Video Ad Serving Template)

4.4.1. 5 formats Linear Ads Non Linear Ads Skippable Linear Ads Linear Ads with Companions Ad Pods

4.4.2. VAST ad formats supported by Brightcove

5. Industry Players

5.1. Coupon Providers

5.1.1. The Coupons App

5.1.2. Coupon Sherpa

5.1.3. SnipSnap

5.1.4. Shopkick

5.1.5. Shooger

5.1.6. Groupon

5.1.7. Clip'd

5.2. Local Search Sites

5.2.1. Square


5.3. Local ad networks

5.3.1. Chalkboard

5.3.2. xAd

5.3.3. Verve

5.3.4. InMobi

5.3.5. AdMob

5.3.6. Chitika

5.3.7. YP Local Ad Network

5.3.8. Sense Networks

5.3.9. Localstars

5.3.10. SLOAN

5.4. Ad Servers

5.4.1. mopub

5.4.2. video videoplaza formats smartclip ad gallery

5.4.3. MADS video demo

5.5. Ad Creators

5.5.1. creation & delivery platform Celtra brainient BrainStudio

5.5.2. HTML5 animations Tumult Hype Sencha Animator

5.6. Real-Time Digital Ad Marketplace

5.6.1. Supply Side Platforms for Publishers PubMatic - real-time ad inventory selling

5.6.2. Demand Side Platforms for Advertisers AppNexus Marketplace - trading desk - real time bidding platform InviteMedia - cross-exchange ad inventory buying StrikeAd MediaMind ad formats creative zone

5.6.3. Nexage

5.6.4. DoubleClick

5.7. One-stop-shop

5.7.1. PointRoll Resource Center

5.7.2. DG

5.7.3. Crisp Media Ad Management Platform build video demo

5.8. Backend system for push and in-app purchase

5.8.1. Urban Airship

5.9. SEO

5.9.1. veeseo Commerce & video interaction

5.10. m-Commerce

5.10.1. ShopSavvy

6. Targeting Audiences

6.1. Location-based

6.1.1. GPS coordinates native applications

6.1.2. IP address websites

6.2. Time-based

6.3. Based on Mobile Device Characteristics

6.4. Matching consumer intent and geo-fencing

6.4.1. PlaceIQ

6.4.2. YieldBot

6.4.3. ColliderMedia

6.4.4. OneRiot acquired by Walmart

6.5. Via mobile search

6.6. What do mobile users want?

6.7. What Counts as ‘Scale’ in Hyperlocal?

7. Data Suppliers (market intelligence)

7.1. Global Information and Measurement Companies

7.1.1. Nielsen emerging market trends consumer behaviour

7.1.2. comScore

7.1.3. bluecava

7.2. Network Operators

7.2.1. Top ten operator groups by subscribers and revenues – worldwide

7.3. Privacy

7.3.1. Doubleblind

8. State of Mobile Advertising Q2 2012