My Changing Perspective on Learning Technologies

My progressive view on Learning Technologies

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My Changing Perspective on Learning Technologies by Mind Map: My Changing Perspective on Learning Technologies

1. Integrating technologies into classrooms

1.1. Social Networking Sites

1.2. Connected Learning Communities

1.3. Worldwide Integration

1.4. Virtual Access to Increased Audiences

1.5. Alternative Learning Devices

1.6. Virtual worlds and avatars

1.7. SMARTboards

1.8. ADDIE model

1.9. Synchronous v. Asynchronous

1.10. Selection reports

1.11. Developing tools to connect personality type with college majors

1.12. Effective planning for cost effectiveness

1.13. Trial & error

1.14. Compare, compare, compare

2. Goals

2.1. Teach

2.2. Integrate into Admissions Practices

2.3. Engage Audiences

2.4. Learn innovative use of upcoming technologies for good purposes

2.5. Integrate in cost effective manner

2.6. Ensure ideas are relevant and meet needs effectively

2.7. Use need-specific technologies & tools to increase student retention

3. Concerns

3.1. Expense

3.2. Educator Resistance

3.3. Sustainability

3.4. Fads

3.5. Accrediting Body/Certifications

3.6. Professional Opportunities

3.7. Controversey

3.8. How often things need renewed

3.9. Too much time to train

3.10. Technology for technology's sake

3.11. User friendliness