Film Opening Synopsis - Ebony

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Film Opening Synopsis - Ebony by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis - Ebony

1. Extras

1.1. People in the party scene at the beginning

1.2. Having these extras means it creates the right atmosphere for the scene. without them it would not look realistic and as if the character was actually at the party.

2. Settings

2.1. In the hotel

2.1.1. Big party hall

2.2. House

2.2.1. Bedroom

2.2.2. Bathroom

2.2.3. Hallway

2.3. Town

2.3.1. Dark Street

2.4. The settings fit in with the typical conventions of my genre.So there is a party scene which occurs in most coming of age dramas. Then having different scenes from places alluding to things shows the main theme of my film.

3. Editing

3.1. medium paced editing

3.2. Using medium length editing means that it is slow enough for the audience to get a jist of whats going on but slow enoguh for them to feel the atmosphere that is being portrayed to them.

4. Mise en scene

4.1. Props

4.1.1. Clothes strewn across the floor This is going to imply the fact that the main characters have had sex but due to having a '15' rating it can't be shown explicitly. As sex is a theme in a coming of age drama that is regularly so my opening fits into the generic conventions.

4.1.2. Alcohol bottle The use of alcohol bottles will represent the fact the characters are meant to be drunk in a particular a scene and play a part in the theme of the film. As alcoholism is a generic convention of a coming of age drama.

4.2. Costume

4.2.1. Female character Short Dress This is what a tyoical teenage girl would wear to a party therefore it fits the genric convention and also relates to the time of the film and context of going to a party which again makes it more realistic. Heels

4.2.2. Male character Shirt This costume will the be related to what teenage boys would wear to a party. So this makes the realism of the film opening better fore the audience. Jeans

4.2.3. All the people seen in the film opening will be in party wear or clothes that are suitable for the time of the film and the the context.

5. Plot

5.1. A party

5.2. Two main characters walking home drunk and disorientated

5.3. Shot leading up the stairs which is strewn with clothes - implying sex

5.3.1. The plot is need on my film opening otherwise the audience will not understand what is going on in the film. Having a plot makes it clear to the audience the theme of the film and introduces the main characters to the audience.

5.4. A few months later - Main female character running from room and vomiting in the toilet.

5.5. The plot is introducing the main characters and introducing the theme of the film to the audience. It is important that the beginning of the film has a plot so the audience can start to understand what the film is about.

6. Characters

6.1. Protanganists

6.1.1. Female character - Ebony

6.1.2. These two characters are in a relationship and they are the main characters in this film due to the theme of this film. They are both young which is in accordance of the genre.

6.1.3. Male Character

7. Diegesis

7.1. Slow music throughout

7.2. Low pitch music

7.3. Gives the audience a feel that the characters are in thier own world and creates an atmosphere that its building up to something.The music that is being used in ours causes you to assume that the character is drunk and puts you in their frame of mind.

8. Cinematography

8.1. Camera Shots

8.1.1. Im am going to be using different camera shots for different scenes. Shots that I will definitely be using are close ups and medium shots not only as it is a convention of many film openings because it introduces the characters to us but also because it is a good way to introduce the main characters.However we may also use medium close ups and extreme close up to show the mise en scene and important details to the audience.

8.2. Camrea Angles

8.2.1. The main angle that we are going to use is eye level because most of the scenes are as if the audience is with the characters in the story which is the way we want our film to be represented

8.3. Sound

8.3.1. Diegetic The use of diegetic sound in my film will be used, such as vomiting, 'drunken' talk and giggling will make my film opening more realistic.

8.3.2. Non Diegetic Having our sound track over the first section of our film creates an allusion of our character being in her own world and makes it quite a sombre mood.

8.4. Camera Movement

8.4.1. Our camrea movement will be handheld as if the audience is a part of the storyline and can fee as if part of the film.

8.5. Lighting

8.5.1. We are going to be all using natural lighting as it will be more realistic for the audience.

8.6. Effecfs

8.6.1. We used a blur effect on the start of the film opening because it creates the effect that the character is drunk.

9. Conventions

9.1. Party Scene

9.1.1. This scene is a typical convention of a coming of age drama.This may because of the age of the characters and who the films are aimed at - teenagers most of whom often go to some sort of party at this age.

9.2. Teenage protagonists

9.2.1. Having teenage protagonists is a typical convention as the film is aged at 15+. Having a female and a male meets both criteria and broadens the range of target audience.

9.3. Themes

9.3.1. Sex and pregnancy Having a theme of sex and pregnancy which can be an issue for teengers. The effects and aftermath of sex which may lead to pregnancy is a

9.3.2. Parties and alcohol Having parties and alcohol is a typical convention of my genre therefore using it creates a more realistic opening and gives a mature theme to my film. Also parties and alcoholism is part of a generic film based on teenagers.