Wallstream Business model

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Wallstream Business model by Mind Map: Wallstream Business model

1. Digital Signage

1.1. Technology

1.1.1. Distribution

1.1.2. Content Management

1.1.3. Off-line available?

1.1.4. Does it need an internet connection

1.1.5. Hardware used

1.2. Location

1.2.1. Location of narrow casting channel

1.2.2. Use existing hardware on locations?

1.2.3. Strategy and businessmodel are important

1.3. Advertisements

1.3.1. Pilot projects on location with advertisers

1.3.2. Optimize content for viewing on LCD / Plasma screens

1.3.3. Targetting, which audience is reached at what time?

1.4. Content

1.4.1. Contenttype

1.4.2. Time

1.4.3. Subject

1.4.4. Mood

1.5. Interaction

1.5.1. Keep attention

1.5.2. Allow interaction with content

1.5.3. Create user experience

1.6. Sources for info

1.6.1. http://juliannatte.wordpress.com/vier-kernelementen-narrowcasting/

2. Potential incomes

2.1. Wallstream widget market

2.1.1. Developer oriented

2.1.2. Apps will be hosted on 'Wallstream'

2.1.3. For infrastructere and sales a percentage will be payed to Wallstream owner

2.2. Location reselling via Wallstream

2.2.1. Display full Wallstream Display your company branded Wallstream on a screen somewhere around the world Choose some public interesting Wallstreams to display on your monitor

2.2.2. Display content of newssites Receive payments for displaying their news

2.3. Advertising market

2.3.1. Buy advertorial space Look for advertisement options in a physical space Select categorie to advertise in

2.3.2. Offer space for advertisements For rent at fixed price Set minimum price and accept bids Offer categories

2.3.3. Manage your advertisments Like or using Google AdWords and Google AdSense Handle budgets Choose screens not to display advertisments

2.4. Service providers

2.4.1. Install screens and hardwares for Wallstream

2.4.2. Deliver RFID readers and physical interfaces that work with Wallstream

2.4.3. Offer DYI kits for creating physical interfaces Arduino Ethernet Shields

3. Wallstream Concept

3.1. Open Source Narrow Casting application

3.2. Software bundle enabling people to create their own networking broadcasting networks

3.3. Target audiences

3.4. MSOV scheme

3.4.1. !/? Online content only available via computers and other personal hardware like mobile phones. It's disconnected from the physical space.

3.4.2. Market Trend: Companies have more information online Trend: People and Companies use online networks more often Evidence: Webservices have more API's available More innovation needed in the Narrow Casting market

3.4.3. Solution Open Source Narrow Casting application that allows everybody to start their own Narrow casting network. A simple hosted solution that aggegrates online content and displays it in the physical office space via a beamer or LCD / Plasma screen Personalize via physical interfaces that work with the solution. Like RFID readers to see your personal page on the Narrow Casting Network.

3.4.4. Organisation

3.4.5. Value