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Internet & Social Change by Mind Map: Internet & Social Change
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Internet & Social Change


Academic e-Learning Systems

Academic Websites


Diffusion of Innovations

How do new concepts of communication evolve? How do people perceive new communication formats?

Early Adopters


Luddites & Technophobes

Biz / Org

How is the Internet changing the way we do business? How is the Internet changing the way corporates work?

Digital PR

Executive Attitudes

Open Brands

Personal Information Management

How are PIM patterns and strategies changing?

& Identity

Personal Content Management



How does the Internet change the modern citizenship? How does the Internet empower citizens? What patterns of control will define and limit the modern citizenship?




Freedom of Information

Online Activism

Online Campaigns

Online Culture

Blogging & Micro-Blogging

Geek Chicks

Online Communities

User Generated Content